Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Selection for August 1, 2010


IdreamofEddy recommends Crossroads: A Family in Crisis by monroe5

Set five years after Bella and Edward's wedding the family has gone off on their seperate directions but one call from Carlisle brings them all back home where decisions about the future will be made but not before the events of the past are dealt with.

There has been a plethora of stories recommended to me by readers, by followers on Twitter, by hearsay when reading other posts on blogs, and by Lamb email fuckery. Hopefully, I'll find the time some day to read them all. I found this one on the FFn search database, which was a miraculous thing in and of itself because the fucker worked.

CFiC is a story about...well...a family in crisis. Ended relationships and broken bonds. Shocking yet forgivable mistakes. And some not so forgivable (Cough. Edward. Cough). There's tension amongst family and tension amongst those who WERE family, though no one seems to know they aren't family anymore. And then, on top of this, you've got one hell of a sexy Jasper, who doesn't overabuse the word darlin' and who's got a little taste of his canon self. Your heart can't help but just bleed for him and Bella, and you want to see the happily ever after.

I have mixed feelings with Every. Single. Chapter. One chapter, I think Bella's a fucking idiot. The next chapter, I'm not blaming her at all for the issues she's having with committing to ANYTHING. Simply put, this fic CAN make a reader emotional, especially when it comes to Bella. Not to mention Rosalie. Rosalie is pure bitch. I simply LOVE her.

monroe5 has a great ability in describing her characters emotions. And the dialogue is STRONG.

What I like most about this story is that it's a story about FAMILY, love, respect, and forgiveness. Honestly, I have to say I hope the drama element stays within the family. If you haven't picked this story up, you should. You will be amazed by the power of monroe5's words.

Bella's life as a Cullen was near perfect. But what happens when Jasper and Bella return from three days away and find that everything they knew, everything that was has been changed forever?

The writer best known for her awesome fic, Slow and Steady, is now back with a new Jasper/Bella fic.

The story begins three years after Bella's change. No Renesmee exists in this world, but Edward and Bella are happily married. The entire Cullen household is filled with love and happiness, and you'd think they've all found their happy ending.

Since her change, the Cullen clan has found a new place to call home in Minnesota. Bella and Edward spent the first three years of their marriage exploring Europe, pretty much living their honeymoon to the fullest. Once back home with the family, they decide to go back to their old habits. While Edward and the rest of the younger Cullens decide on going back to high school, Bella and Jasper want to try out the college life. The two decide on going on a road trip to visit their college of their choice.

Everything works out great and both fall in love with the school of their choice. They are eager to go back home to their loved ones to share their excitement with them.

When they return to the Cullens, everything feels wrong. Something about the Cullens, to say the least. Everyone in that household is so messed up that Bella and Jasper don't have a choice but to leave the family to search for answers. With that, they go to Jasper's other family, Peter and Charlotte, who are more than willing to help them any way they can so they can get back home once again to Edward and Alice and the rest of the family. Or so they hope.

It may sound shocking to those who know me, but lately I haven't been reading a lot of Jasper/Bella fics. I blame it on the Eclipse craze, but I've been reading more Edward/Bella fics than usual. But this is one of the few I always look forward to and I always get excited about when I see an update alert for this story in my inbox.

So many unanswered questions and a lot of twist and turns. I look forward to the mystery as well as Bella and Jasper's future. I'm crossing my fingers and wishing to the Twilight gods for a Bella/Jasper ending.

P.S. Can I just say how excited we are for another Jasper-filled month?


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