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Sunday Selections for 8/8/10


Jasper’s Bella recommends Visions of Our Destiny by ForksPixie

Jasper has been waiting 60 years for Alice's vision of his vampire soul-mate. What happens when she knocks on the Cullen door escorted by the Volturi Guard. Jasper/Bella. Rated M.

So I was looking for something new to read this morning and I came across this story. The summary caught me right off the bat and I couldn’t wait to dive into it. First line, Bella would love a personal stylist and would even let them use her as their own personal Barbie doll. I had to chuckle and imagine that this was going to happen probably sooner than Bella might think. Ok, so far so good.

This starts off differently because Bella doesn’t actually go to Forks like many of the other stories have her. There has been a tragedy and it erases her chance to be there. This tragedy upset me because this person has a special place in my heart. Instead, Bella ends up moving to Florida with her family. Bella starts college and then decides to go study a semester abroad….in Italy.

Honestly, this threw up red flags for me. Not because of what Bella might find, but because it sounded an awful lot like LambVamp’s story (otherwise known as Maelyn or Zaytell). I decided to give it a chance and read on. So glad I did. This is where the similarities in the stories end.

Bella arrives in Italy, finds her apartment and then goes to explore to familiarize herself with the area. While out window shopping, Bella meets a woman who offers to show her around Italy on a tour with others. Well, we all know what that means, now don’t we? Uh huh, that’s right. Vampy Heidi was fishing and reeled in little trusting and sweet smelling Bella.

In the meantime, next chapter we see Jasper at the Cullens', and a very excited Alice letting him know that his destiny will be here soon - his mate, the one whom Alice has been telling him about for the past 60 years. And thankfully, the little Pixie is married to Edward. WOOHOO!!!!!!! This means the fortune teller and the mind reader won’t get in the way. Can’t you tell I got really excited about that?

And back in Italy, Bella finally starts to wonder if this was such a good idea after all. With every doubt that she has, Heidi sweeps in and dazzles it away. They arrive at the castle for their tour and then all hell breaks loose. As Heidi is about to feed on Bella, she is stopped by Aro. Seems he wants this meal for himself. Much to his surprise, he can’t read Bella and calls for his little chihuahua, Jane, to work her magic. And….nothing. Aro of course is delighted and decides that Bella would make a great addition to the guard. Sinking his teeth into her, he pushes out the venom and BOOM, Aro is now Bella’s daddy, or so to speak. Aro has Felix take Bella to the newborn chambers. (WTF?!? Newborn chambers, that can’t be good). Felix is apparently a pretty nice guy and tells Bella to retain all her human memories so that she doesn’t forget.

Cue the Pixie’s vision and the Cullens aren’t happy campers right now, even though they really don’t know anything about Jasper’s mate.

Wakey, wakey from the burn, Bella is confused about what she is. It's a good thing she’s got her buddy, Felix, to help her. Turns out, Bella’s a pretty kick ass vamp but decides she doesn’t want to be a killer. Hunting with Felix and Demetri doesn’t exactly go as planned. Wolves seem to make tasty snacks for Bella. Seeing as Bella is determined to not follow their natural instincts of nomming on people, Aro decides to send her to the Cullens.

Now we are on the chapter where Bella and Jasper meet and it looks like its love at first sight. Jasper does the curling of his finger for her to come closer to him and gawd dayum is it hawt just thinking about it. We’re left off with Jasper and Bella going on a hunt. I can’t wait to see how that goes.

Because I was out on the boat today enjoying the sunshine, I didn’t have a chance to review any of the chapters because I wanted to get it read. Also, I was getting bitched at by the hubs and MIL for being on my phone instead of paying attention to my family. Anyhoo, I have enjoyed the hell out of this story and can’t wait for more.

After Edward leaves Bella & Alice leaves Jasper, their worlds collide. They have no one to turn to but each other for comfort and become good friends...but maybe more. But is it enough to mean forever? Graphic language, lemons in the future. J&B.

I remember when I first encountered this story and began to read it that the first chapter alone did not pull me in. I felt it was disjointed from what I would later learn about the story, but I would also realize that it was a mark of an author's apparent growth with each chapter. I felt in retrospect that Bella's 'voice' in the beginning was 'off'. So, if you have never read this story, please do not stop after reading the first chapter. What awaits you will pull you in, I have no doubt.

Also, the Jasper in this story - along with the Peter - is very reminiscent of many I have read, but at the same time, mistyhaze420 weaves a wonderful tale of two broken souls who embark on a road trip together, and in the process find incredible love.

I remember this one scene that shaped me and my thoughts on this story. I remember re-reading this one scene over and over again because to me it was just perfect. It's a scene near the beginning where Bella and Jasper are tangled together in bed in a motel room. Jasper just snuggles into Bella, and by the next morning Jasper doesn't want to let go. He pleads with Bella for five more minutes of heaven, and I just thought it was one of the sweetest things at the time.

And their journey together, as well as the growth of their love, is addictive. I couldn't put this story down, and I remember writing to mistyhaze420 because I was concerned she would lead us into heart-fail territory, thanks to the title of the story. I mean, An Imperfect Love denotes to me that while it might be good while it lasts, it wouldn't be 'good enough' to stand the test of time.

But there is no utter heart-fail here. The author brings some very interesting ideas to the table, especially with the edition of Peter, and you will be blown away by Bella and Jasper's actual history, which you learn about later on as the story progresses. And, um, the sex is amazing...ahem.

I think if you have never come across this story, you will be wonderfully surprised. Stick to it, and I know you will love it.

Maelyn recommends Broken Moonlight by wonderwoundedhearers

Jasper finds the new girl quite intriguing. With Edward recovering in Alaska & Alice watching for Edward, can Jasper get closer to Bella? Can he control himself & his bloodlust enough to fall in love? Who will Bella choose? Lemons, language & violence. Bella/Jasper Rated M

What if in Twilight Bella fell for Jasper, and not Edward? That’s the basic premise of this story. While Edward takes that leave of absence after almost killing Bella in biology, Jasper is noticing her more and more and decides to get to know her. They have a fast, whirlwind kind of courtship and fall in love immediately, which is a little fast for me, but it seems to work here. I love the story so much I can overlook that. And really, who could truly resist the Major?

Why do I love this fic? Oh, you mean besides the fact that it’s written by wonderwoundedhearers? Well, she does the second best Jasper and Peter that I’ve seen so far – the first, of course, being Kay’s originals from her fics. They are that wonderful mix of tough as nails, kick your ass if you piss me off or hurt my family type of man and the gentleman’s demeanor covering the delicious naughty side.

From day one, Jasper and Bella only have eyes for each other, and what should be a simple boy meets girl love story is fraught with obstacle after obstacle. He’s a vampire and she’s human. His family wants him to stay with his psycho wife. Said psycho wife is trying to get him back even though he’s said it’s over, quite emphatically. Creepy stalker brother develops creepy infatuation for girl. They have to run from psycho half of the family, thus causing problems with girl’s father.

The list of obstacles continue, but through it all, you see two people coming to learn about each other and fall more and more in love every moment. The obstacles do nothing but make them stronger as a couple. They face it all head on, together, as equals. Did I mention how he treats her like she has a brain? Yeah, he does. He doesn’t make her decisions for her, but rather educates her when he needs to and lets her make her own. And he doesn’t reprimand her or make her feel like a child in any other ways either. That isn’t to say it isn’t difficult for him to do some things, but he does.

I also love that they haven’t jumped right into bed, not completely anyway. There are a lot of really fun parts, but he still has a bit of bloodlust for her and makes it clear that it’s an obstacle (yeah, another one). But they discuss it and decide to take things one step at a time.

All in all I love EVERY ONE of wonderwoundedhearers fics. Well, all of her Twilight ones I’ve read. I am crazy wondering what’s going to happen in her the Peter/Bella one. The Caius/Bella one was fuckawesome and her Caius made me cry. And Aro/Bella was good too. I just...they’re all great, so go, RUN, read them all now! You won’t be sorry.

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