Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday One Shot for 08-18-10

IdreamofEddy recommends Down To Sleep by AlexaRZ

Bella has loved and lost and is unable to let go. But when a boy with a stubborn nature and a charming grin come along, will she grab on to her second chance? Or are the sins of her past too strong to let go?

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the stories that don't have happy endings just tend to be overlooked? I mean, I find this story, and it's been out since June, yet it only has FIVE reviews. It's Bella/Jasper. FIVE reviews! Angst/Drama. I kind of have to think that the story has not NOT been noticed. I kind of have to think that it just pissed people off because, hey, there's not much of a happy ending here. At all.

Why rec it? Because. It's beautifully written. A lot of us can relate to Bella's story in some way, or it makes us feel compassion for those who have experienced something similar. This story is about real life. It's about tragedy, perseverance, coping...and NOT coping. It's a tale about learning something about ourselves, healing, and discovering the greatest love of all. So while it might not end on a happy note, Bella experiences it all and she LIVED.

There's really no reason to hash over the plot - it's all in the summary. It's a heartbreaking, beautiful story to read and I for one appreciated it.

MissMaj recommends Hidden Parallel by TwistedforTwilight

Some slightly angsty birthday drabbles for my lovely beta Cullen818. Edward and Jasper are supposed to be lifelong friends, but are they going in different directions? E/J Slash, AH, M for Mature Audiences only. 

In keeping with my beta cullen818's birthday, I'm recommending a o/s written by a close friend of mine. Steph also betas for her, and as a birthday present she's written an angsty one-shot.

It's a one-shot written as a series of drabbles, each with its own prompt. The premise is simple: Jasper and Edward have been best friends since birth. As they grow, Jasper realizes his feelings for Edward are more than 'just friends'. Sadly for him, Edward is engaged to be married to Bella. During the final days before Edward and Bella's wedding, things start to fall apart between the once-close friends. Will Jasper ever admit his feelings to his best friend or is he going to let him go? Does Edward feel the same way for Jasper?

Okay, so the premise isn't really that simple, but in the fanfic world it is. It's short, it's quite angsty, and yes, it's possible that you may shed a tear or two.

I'm sure Steph would love her present.


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