Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday One Shots for 8/11/10

Jasper’s Bella recommends...
Jasper is sent as a gift from Mistress Alice. Bella is expecting Jasper but not everything he has planned for her.  Pairing: Jasper/Bella  Rating: M

So I was chanting with my ficwifey, 
HammerHipstonight and told her that I needed to do a Wednesday o/s rec. I wasn’t feeling up to putting a whole lot of effort into rec’ing something because my ass is tired from a long day at work and FINALLY seeing Eclipse. You read right, no need to adjust your screen. This is the first time I saw Eclipse. I was pretty damn impressed with Jasper’s screen time. He looked yummy, and I freaking loved the Jasper/Maria scenes. I even liked the Jasper/Maria kiss better than the Jasper/Alice one. Anyway, back to the rec. I asked if it would be wrong to rec my own fic and, of course, HammerHips said it would be and sent me Chocolate Jasper to read and rec instead.

Oh, my fucking PETER! This is a fucking awesome o/s! It has Jasper, chocolate, naked Jasper, chocolate, and a bit of Domsper. How the fuck can you go wrong with that (other than the fact that he smells like cinnamon. I’m fucking allergic to cinnamon. The woman is trying to kill me!)?

Jasper throws in his sexy, Southern drawl, which can melt panties as it is but then he’s gotta go and give Bella a bath….with his tongue... You heard me - with his tongue! After her bath, Jasper jumps in the shower so he’s all clean for the pourage and lickage of the chocolate. That man is so sweet and considerate. Lucky, fucking Bella gets to drizzle chocolate all over his body and lick it up. Don’t worry about poor Jasper doing all the work to make Bella happy, though - he gets a little delight of his own. Apparently Bella is quite the sucker. Woman is really trying to kill me at this point. 

And then…oh fuck…Jasper tells Bella he’s gonna FUCK HER HARD and he also is going to bite her. Oh, hell! I’m panting by this point. Lucky, fucking bitch...and she doesn’t even need a paper cut! 

Wonder what happens next? Well I’m not going to tell ya. You’ll just have to go read and find out for yourself. All I can say is that I rarely like
Alice, but thank God for her present to Bella.

Maelyn recommends...
AH/OOC - A camping trip in the woods with lifelong friends turns into something Bella didn't quite expect. Originally written as a one-shot contribution for Fics for Nash, now posted for your enjoyment. You're welcome. Bella/Jasper/Peter. Rated M

Okay, so I find it kind of coincidentally funny that Wendy recommends a fic by Mynxi and I end up finding my rec by VampishVixen ...and they are ficmates.  We didn’t plan this at all either!

Anyway, so Truth or Dare.  Six of your best friends in the middle of the woods with you and no one for miles – check.  Four of them paired off and out of the way? Check.  The last two are some of the hottest men ever? Check.  Drugs and alcohol? Check.  A random game of Truth or Dare, where certain things come to light? Check.  Said game gets really out of hand in the most delicious of ways? Double check. Triple check even.  *smirks*

There isn’t really much more to say.  Bella is off camping with the gang and everyone is inebriated in some way. She ends up in a game of Truth or Dare with Jasper and Peter. One thing leads to another, and just WOW! Really, just wow!  It’s pretty fucking hot and you should really read it for yourself.

I especially like the end.  *snickers*


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