Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday One Shots for 8/25/10


Maelyn recommends

Working for the man IS all it's cracked up to be for Bella Swan, secretary to Jasper Whitlock – he's the toughest employer in the city, and stars in Bella's nightly fantasies. How can one late-night chance meeting in the office change his strict work ethics? AH.

Now, wonderwoundedhearers is one of my current favorite authors.  I am astounded at how many fics she is currently writing and updating so frequently.  I adore them all.  She also has this set of one shots she’s been working on, all Bella/Jasper fics, and they are really good.  I chose this newest one to rec because it’s my favorite so far. 

Bella is a hard-working, dedicated secretary to the quasi-cruel but utterly sextastic Jasper.  But after a certain incident, she’s finally had enough of his biting remarks and irascible attitude, she decides to tender her resignation to him.  Her male co-workers try to talk her out of it, but as you can guess, her female co-workers swarm like flies on shit, vying for her position in the pathetic hope of seducing the gorgeous Jasper.

Meanwhile, Jasper runs off to ‘think’ and ends up in a crazy/funny conversation with Peter, who is telling him to just take the woman already.  Jasper has his excuses, of course, and blows Peter off for the most part.  But when Jasper returns to the office to find Bella ready to quit, he loses it and does the only thing he can think to keep her with him… Read it to see, although I’m sure many of you can guess.

It’s a sweet, cute, funny, sexy, little one shot that is a great read.  And while you’re at it, read the others, too, because they are all good!


  1. Are you fucking kidding me Mae? I was totally gonna to rec this til I slipped into SlackerLamb mood and completely forgot it was Tuesday night the other night.
    Are we sharing a brain when it comes to how totally and completely fucking awesome wonderwoundedhearers is? How about we just stick her in a Lamb sammich, you can be bottom slice and I'll be top slice.

  2. I've totally been squeeing over all her fics! Did you read her Bella/Peter one yet? OMG you gotta if you haven't! It's right up your alley and I can totally see you bouncing in your seat cheering him on when he's with Victoria! *grins*