Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where in the World is...Gemin?

The Where In the World segment was Tina's brain child. It was created NOT to push or whine at authors of stories that haven't updated or have fallen by the wayside, it was created to say, "Hey, I - or we - love your fic and we were hoping and wondering if you ever have plans to continue?" I guess one would say it's a tool for encouraging authors to finish stories. I like to look at it as also a way I can get the word out on a fic I love. And Fall Back Again SHOULD be loved! This entire post is a long shot, but still, I'll read this story every now and then and imagine my own ending. It's just that good for me.

Why? Because it's simply unique. It's also been around now since September of 2008, when Gemin first started publishing this wonderful story. It tells the tale of a different Twilight, one where our Jasper comes from a slightly different background and who has lost the love of his life, Vera. Alice in this story is just where she needs to be, and that's on the other leading man's arm.

What I love so much about this story is it's just GOOD. It's mature, and there's a poetic nature to the author's writing. Gemin paints a very vivid picture of a tortured and broken Jasper. I simply love the way he broods, and I love the way Bella accepts her faults, points them out, and doesn't try to pretend to be anything she isn't. She is strong and very likable in this fic.'s also one of the hottest neck licking scenes I have EVER read. 'Nuff said.

So, the last time Fall Back Again updated was in January of 2009. I have to be honest and say I don't expect this story ever to update, but I would LOVE to be proven wrong. Either way, it's still 18 chapters long, and it should get some love because hey, this is exactly how I love to see my Jasper. I have a feeling quite a few of you will love it, too.

**On a side note, if any of our readers have a story they would like to see featured for this segment and would be interested in writing the post for the story, please contact us. There's no set criteria other than it should be a story by an author that falls into the character month (preferably), it has NOT been featured on WITW before, and it's been a while since the story has updated. Um...a month won't work. Don't go there.**


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