Thursday, August 5, 2010

Word of the Week - SMIZE



So...we Lambs have been reading Conversations with My Killer, by Oracle Vas, and we're loving it. But, as most Lamb emails go, there is always some form of fuckery involved.

Our darling Maj started the chain with this:

From Convo with my Killer's latest chap:

I was never so happy to see someone. It was all on account of the look he gave me. He didn't smile with his lips, but he did with his eyes. I had worried over whether or not he would be mad at me when he saw me again, and he appeared to be fine.



SMIZE... And I hate the fact that I feel the need to do jazz fingers when I say the word too. I was the only nerdo geeko who had never heard the term before. I guess it's just another reason why I, um, dislike Tyra so much, but I digress...

This really all started when we were trying to decide which Jasper gifs we each wanted as our Petting Zoo pics in honour of this lovely month of all things JASPER. Mae wanted one in particular (see below), and she asked Lucy if she could SMIZE when Lucy responded with:

He is pulling serious bitch face in that picture *camp finger snap* boy is looking fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerce! ;)

Cue my ignorance at the word SMIZE, and all hell broke loose. We basically SMIZED each other to death after that.

Per Mae: Smize is smiling with your eyes, like models do. You learn about it watching Tyra on America's Next Top Model, or Canada's, or Britain,'s in like 50 countries or something now.

Heh...she thinks she's cute, doesn't she? While I know all about the smiling with one's eyes bit, I had NO idea a term had been coined for the damn act itself *rolls eyes*

Anyone else wish to gag with moi? Especially with the seriousness of Jay's photoshoot SMIZE interrogations? Meh, whatever...

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  1. Now this is a new word for me. But I like that I now know it and yet have never been subjected to anything Tyra related. Thanks Lambs!

    And this is proof that I don't only come for the porn...Ummm, yeah. Take that how you will.