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Affiliate Fridays for 9/24/10

We love our affiliates! While they may each have their usual weekly roundup of segments, there's always something new going on with our affiliates, like contests, challenges, and more. So take a gander below at what's new. All info is directly taken from their respective blogs. If you have a blog and would like to affiliate with us, send us an email at


The Top 100 is taking submissions

This is all about the top 100 fanfiction stories. But not my top 100, this is your top 100. And when I say your, I mean all of you. I want to know what you guys think of to be the best of the best. This is not about reviews or read count this is entirely about what stories you prefer. It doesn't matter if they're finished, on permanent hiatus, still in the works, a one-shot or what. I don't care if they're famous stories or stories that only have a handful of reviews. I don't care if they are AH, AU, Canon, Non-canon, Slash, or what. I want to know which ones you like.

On January 1st 2011, I will be posting the top 100 list, so from now till November 15th I'm taking your submissions. I want to know what you like and I want to know what your favorites are. Here's how it works, it's real simple. All you do is fill out the following form which allows you to name up to 25 stories, but you only have to name one. You do not have to give me your name or your email. You can if you like, but this can be completely anonymous.

Here's the link to form, I encourage you to submit your favorites:

Teach Me The Nasty Contest

We want you to write us a o/s featuring any of the Twilight men (vamps, wolves, Volturi), but they must be some form of a teacher/instructor. They should be dark, dominant and controlling. They should be sexy and irresistible, if possible. They can also be in human form.

We don't care who, just as long they know their trade! Jasper as a surfing instructor? Carlisle as a headmaster at an all girls (or boys) school? Edward the music teacher or Emmett the football coach? See where we’re going with this?

Entries will be accepted starting September 1, 2010 with a deadline of October 13, 2010, 11:59 est.

Voting begins October 15 and ends October 22 with winners announced on October 24, 2010.

OF banner

We all love vampires, don’t we? I mean, what’s not to love – sexy men and women, danger, lust…sounds right up our alley here at MVF. Whenever one of us picks up a new vampire book or series, we always discuss it with each other as we are reading, and one of the most popular phrases that comes out of our mouth (or keyboards, rather) is, “the author’s take on the vampire myth is really interesting…” That got us thinking, and the first MVF Original Fiction Short Story Contest was born.

We are issuing an awesome challenge to our readers this fall: write an original short story and give us your own spin on the vampire legend!

This isn’t a fan fiction challenge; this is a chance to let loose and create your own world. Do you have some brand new characters running around in your head? Have you always wondered how vampires would be different if you gave the legend a little tweak? Tired of all vampires being suave sexy men? This is your chance to get it out there!

Important Dates:

Entries will be accepted through 11:59pm CST on Saturday, October 9th, 2010.
Entries will be posted for public reading and voting on Sunday, October 10th.
Voting will last until Saturday, October 30th.
Winners will be announced on Sunday, October 31st, on MVF’s First Anniversary!


Something Wicked This Way Comes

All Hallows Eve’s Most Legendary Tales

This Halloween we want you to scare us, to creep us out, to give us the heeby geebies and we want you to write us a oneshot to do it! Everyone remembers sitting around and telling scary stories and Urban Legends. We want you to take one of the five listed urban legends below and use it as your prompt.

Urban Legends to choose from are: Chupacabra, Bloody Mary, The Kidney Thieves, The Killer in the Backseat, and The Ghost Hitchhiker.

Important Dates:

Entries accepted from October 1st until October 22
Voting from October 24 until October 29
Winners announced on October 31 on Sparkling Citrus


These awards are for the people and by the people.

There are categories that recognize the contributions of Authors, Readers, Betas, Artists, Twi-Site Bloggers, and members of the Twific community. We’re asking people to think about the people who make this fandom such a great place to be.

Authors, who hooks it up with insightful reviews? Who goes out of their way to pimp the hell out of your story? Which pre-reader or Beta throws down the most helpful feedback?

Readers, which authors have the best review replies? Who are the most accessible authors on twitter?

Which banners are the hottest? the most creative? the most visually stunning? Who is the master manip-maker? blinkie-maker? banner-maker?

*New Category* We just added a new category for best Fanfiction Video. If you have already nominated, you should be able to go back and add a nomination for that.

Which Twi-sites have the best recs? Where can you find the best resources for writing fic?

Who, in the Twific community, is the hardest working woman in show business? Who promotes the love throughout our fandom?

Think about these questions and GO SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATIONS!

Remember that these are not your average awards. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s an opportunity to show love to the people who often get overlooked in this fandom.

Important Dates:

Nominations End: October 4th
Voting Starts: October 11th
Voting Ends: October 29th
Winners Announced: November 5th


The WFA consists of 25 unique awards, and the lucky winners of these will receive a star on our virtual sidewalk. It's like Hollywood, only better, because no on will be walking all over your award. :)

Nominations are officially opened to everyone today. They will remain open until November 30th. Voting will commence on December 1st, and last until December 30th. The winners will be announced on New Years Day!

To begin nominating, visit these three forms.

If you want to see what has already been nominated, or for more information, visit the WFA blog. Thank you so much, and we'll see you in December for voting!

Twi Network

Have you ever wondered if you could have written the TwiSaga better? Well, here is your chance. TwiNet is hosting a Twi-Rewrite Contest where you will be able to rewrite a chapter in one of the books.

How It Works

In order to enter the contest, you must fill out the form on the TwiNet site. You will then be given the book and chapter that you are to rewrite.

You can rewrite the chapter as you see fit, however, it MUST follow the same plot as the original. Therefore, no new characters or events can be included.

Entries will be posted the Twi-Rewrite Contest FFn Page.

Entries will be accepted from Sept 30 until Oct 31st.
Voting will begin on November 5th and go until November 12th.
Winners will be announced on November 16th.


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