Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grammar Girl: FAZE vs PHASE

So I noticed a word the other day while reading a fan fic, and I realized that I've seen this problem before. Again, it's another homophone confusion (isn't it always?).


FAZE --> a verb, and it means to cause embarrassment or social distress. More often than not, it is used to indicate that one has NOT been embarrassed or socially distressed, as in "Carlisle is never fazed by the smell of human blood."

PHASE --> can be a noun ~ a regular part of a cycle or progression (a phase of the moon or a phase of one's life), or it can be a verb ~ to make gradual changes. Of course, we Twihards know it best when we refer to the wolves' changing back and forth between their human and wolf forms.

Allow me to illustrate the difference:

Paula and Randy are FAZED by James' performance..James is not FAZED by their reaction:



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