Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Selections for 9/5/10


Merina Green recommends


Ah, Human Month. I'm actually a big fan of AH stories. And I won't lie to you, in a lot of the AH stories out there (including some I like), the only connection to Twilight are the names of the characters and their physical descriptions. And sometimes not even the physical descriptions. Why read them, you ask? Well, they are well written, entertaining stories. And they're free. I was sort of torn on Human month. Part of me felt that, in the spirit of things, I should be rec'ing stories about the human characters in SM's books. But let's face it, who the heck wants to read 24 chapters about Eric Yorkie? Not Me. And even if there IS one out there (OK, I admit it, I haven't looked...), do you REALLY think the other Lambs would let the baby have it? Not likely. We'd be fighting over that fic like starving dogs over a bone.

So, for my first rec of the month, I'm going with an AH fic called Surviving Bella by Savage7289. It's 7 chapters in, and it's quite a good read so far. Human Edward was the captain of a sailing ship - the kind you can book trips on (not the three-hour cruise type of trip), sailing around the Caribbean. Bella, for reasons that are revealed as the story goes on, has booked such a cruise. Capt. Edward is an Asshole with a dark past. Bella is....well, pretty much our familiar Bella - older, stronger, more worldly, more...well, she's lived a little more. But she's still recognizable as our Bella.

The ship sinks in a storm (of course it does), and they find themselves on a life raft together. Alone. The whole adventure kicks off with Edward going through the DTs, and things just go downhill from there. I'm enjoying it because it's a good, well written story, and I want to learn more about the characters as they learn about each other. I also want to find out which one of them kills the other first. The obvious choice would be Edward taking out Bella, but...I'm really hoping she kicks HIM over the side in the middle of the night. So far, it's just Edward and Bella in the story - and I'm guessing it's going to remain that way for a long time, if not for the entire story. Other characters from Twilight are mentioned as Bella and Edward slowly reveal themselves to each other, sometimes in the same role they play in the books - although sometimes that is with a ...twist.

I recommend you give it a chance, if AH stories are your thing. E/B AH Stories.


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