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Wednesday One Shot for 09-01-10


Congratulations, Deb!
Winner of Most Anticipated Continuation in the Slash Backslash 2.0 Contest!
(no shit...)

Today is the beginning of our Human Month (all human, all the time, yeah!), and for this WOS we're doing something out of the norm. Whereas we usually pick our own favourite one shots, we've decided to post a special review for TwistedforTwilight's The X-Games.

It all started out as a simple email by yours truly to the lovely Lambs, asking them to support my ficmate and her entry to the Slash BackSlash 2.0 contest. I didn't think anything much about it, since the majority of us don't really read slash or AH fics. So imagine my surprise when the lovely (crazy) catonspeed replied with this email:

Please tell me you've all read X games! I read it on the train this morning and i don't know whether to maim, marry, or kill deb right now. But it's fantastic. It's not slash heavy, so don't let that turn you off, because it's beautiful, and it will gut you from them inside in the best of worst ways.

Read it and then i dare you to try tell me you don't like it.

And so the shitstorm of emails began. To date, we have about 170 emails exchanged between us dedicated to this oneshot. No joke. 

Then again, the Lambs were a bunch of mouthy freaks, so no surprise there really. 

Anyway, email exchanges turned to thoughts, and thoughts turned to drabbles.

Yes, we were so moved by the story that we were inspired to write drabbles dedicated to this fic. IdreamofEddy summed it up perfectly:

A fic is good when you're still thinking about it 10 minutes later. I love that, but fuck Edward with a dildo and barb wire.

Honestly, methinks the Lambs were helping me cope because I was being hard on myself for forgetting an important person's birthday. That's how wonderful these people are.

So, back to the main topic. As opposed to reviews, here are some drabbles, rambles, and a short story written by some of us, made with love.

Happy eyes stare back at me. The golden boy with the golden heart. Hair that falls in heavy curtains across eyes that pierce me inside, deep in places untouched. I can feel his hands grasping, frantic, breath panting across skin damp with sweat, tugging me closer, but still not enough. I’ll never get enough of him. I’ll never be close enough, taste enough, feel enough. I want to reach out and brush that thick hair back and reveal those beautiful eyes. I want to feel that heat.

I close the magazine and stroke the cover.

I’ll never touch him again.

A Drabble---

X games and x lovers

Edward's POV

The start of the games are soon.
I know he'll be here. I need to see him, need to tell him that I'm sorry, that I never meant to hurt him.  I was forced to betray him. (37)

There he is, sitting under another damn tree with his eyes closed.  He looks even better now than the last time I saw him. (61)

I slowly approach him and whisper, "Jasper,  I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.  I promise, I'll never hurt you again." (81)

His eyes open and he looks through me like I don't even exist. I stand defeated and walk away. (100)

"Jazz man!" Emmett yelled, punching the blond in the arm hard enough to make him wince.  "A gold, man!  Good job!  Beats the hell out of that bronze you got last year."

"Thanks, Em," Jasper said, grinning and rubbing his arm. "Guess my head was just in a better place this year."

"Yeah, I guess it was. All that 'no sex, no booze' before the big day really paid off for you. But tonight, man..."  Emmett grinned and winked.

"You know it," Jasper replied, smiling even wider.

The smile faded a bit, though, when he turned and saw a familiar face topped with bronze hair. 

"Congratulations, Jasper," Edward said softly as he was shoved into Jasper by the crowd jostling to get closer to the gold medalist.

Jasper neatly sidestepped the stumbling boy, allowing him to fall to his knees in the dirt. Glancing down at him, he allowed himself to briefly make eye contact, but no signs of recognition crossed his face. Stepping around him, Jasper kept walking.

"Who was that?" Emmett said, pausing briefly to look back at the figure still kneeling in the dirt.

"No idea.  Some fanboy, I guess.  Come on, let's go home and celebrate."

March 10, 2011
Tampa, FL


The last six months have been a living hell. Mom and dad, I’m sure, never thought they would die so young, but if they had known, they would have been sure to leave me with someone other than Uncle Riley. Mom hadn’t spoken to him in years after he had punched my dad one Christmas Eve. But that’s how the system works. And since Riley was my mother’s only next of kin, I’d had no choice but to endure his guardianship. I soon came to understand why he and my father had that fight so many years before. Even though Riley was younger than mom, he had somehow managed the ability to emotionally abuse his older sister every chance he got, and when my father had had enough…well, that was the end of any future reunions for our family.

Apparently the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Like my mom, I had managed to somehow creep under my uncle’s thumb, especially after he found out what a “queer” little nephew his fuck up of a sister had created, and he had taken great pleasure in squishing me whenever he could. I only came to the X Games in July because I had wanted to meet
Jasper. I figured I could help Riley out in an attempt to get an autograph out of the most skilled pro competing at the event. I was Jasper’s biggest fan, but I couldn’t tell Riley that. That would have been a mistake. I couldn’t believe my luck when I had managed to sneak away briefly the day before the competition after seeing Jasper chill under that tree. He was beautiful – more beautiful than I could have imagined. And when he invited me to come to his RV that night, I got lost in my own personal fantasy of Jasper and me together years down the road.

My heart soared that night when we made love. I couldn’t believe it was real. I couldn’t believe
he was real. But I had no choice but to leave early the next morning when Riley texted me, enraged that I’d disappeared for the night. My dream would just be that – an unfulfilled dream. So I stole a souvenir from Jasper as I snuck out.

Wondering where I’d been, I guess Riley snooped and found Jasper’s boxers while I was in the shower. It was a no brainer to whom those Hollisters belonged – it would have been obvious to anyone who had been at the heats the day before. I felt like a monster sitting in those stands, Riley’s words of hate ringing in one ear, my denial to him ringing in the other. And I watched as Jasper folded, somehow miraculously placing third.
I had done that to him. And when he found me after the ceremony, the look in his eyes sliced my heart in a way I didn’t know was possible. I’d never had a backbone. That’s my problem. And I wish to God I had found it that day after Riley threw my souvenir at the man I had fallen in love with.

Instead, I found my backbone two weeks ago the day I turned 21 and inherited my trust fund from my parents. Their life insurance policy, as well as what they had blessedly somehow socked away, had given me the freedom to leave Riley forever. I repaid him
with interest and never looked back.

I’m 2200 miles from school, thanks to a free rotation this semester. It’s the eve of the Tampa Pro and I’m standing outside Room 318 of the Quality Inn & Suites on East 18
th Avenue. Knowing where he’d be competing had been an easy task; knowing where he’d be staying had been a different story.

I’m going to tell him I was a coward. I’m going to tell him that I’ve loved him every moment since that shameful day.

And if he forgives me, I’m going to
never let him go ever again.

He was alone underneath the tree, eyes closed. He looked so peaceful, so serene.

He was beautiful.

I sat on a bench nearby, never taking my eyes off him. I studied him from afar, memorizing every inch of him, knowing this may be the only time I'll ever get to do so.

How I wished that there would be a chance for he and I to get to know each other - hat there would be a possibility of US in the future.

"It's time," said Uncle Riley.

That wish was tarnished before it even started.

"I'm so sorry," I whispered.

Well done Deb and good luck! 
Same goes to all the other finalists on the SBS2.0 contest.

For the record, we made sure that the voting for the contest was over prior to posting this rec.


  1. LOL! The challenge was 100 words - you wordy bitches! Where's kay's? does she need a whole post just for hers? Or does she need a whole blog built? *grins*

    Deb, we errrr... loved it? I don't know if that adequately covers it, or if your wife forwarded you the big ball of emails, but yeah, we may have humped your one shot into the floor, and then post coitally chain smoked a crate of cigarettes with it *shrugs*

    Keep up the most excellent work, and good luck with the contest results - you inspired us, your readers, and to me, that's the greatest accolade a writer can get. But yeah, my fingers and toes are firmly crossed your awesome gets a shiny rosette.


    L x

  2. I loved all the little off shoots! They were great. I loved this OS as well. Way to go Deb!!