Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday One Shots for 09-15-10

One of our readers recommended I try this one shot out, and I'm glad she did. I had no idea going in who the human male figure would be, but Mike Newton FTW! Poor Mike. He's the puppy dog-eyed senior who will never get the girl of his dreams in SM's saga, but here? Hee hee. Let's just say that when Bella gives"direction", I could only imagine his eyes bulging out of their sockets and a sound like KAZOOGA at his LUCK!

Now...just because we may feature the various men of Twilight here at ALASL, it doesn't mean that I necessarily have my #TeamMikeNewton pom poms out or that I'm rattling them over my head. I still don't like Mike much because he's just a tad shade LESS severe than Jacob. There is only one fan fic in the world where I adore Mike, and that's Golden Moon by NusiainForks. As a matter of fact, had Jake never been in the picture, something tells me Mike might have been Bella's "personal sun". So, my reaction to Bella's suggestion to Mike in this fic might have looked a little like this:

But that's not the point. The point is that LeFay takes a different spin on New Moon. There are absolutely no mythological creatures available to Miss Bella Swan after Edward's departure. So, Bella has two options after visiting the psychologist's office for the final time - either be referred to a psychiatrist for medication or accept the fact that she is and will always be just a human girl. Cue Mike, ready and oh, so willing.

Go, Mike! If I were you, I too wouldn't have thought twice about taking Bella up on her offer.

And Bella? I like her in this story because she isn't portrayed as some whiny, woe-is-me mess. Is she broken because of Edward's departure? Of course, as any of us would have been - at any age. But she's also realistic and she's a teenager who wants to just be left alone to cope. Her version of coping does not include the medicated route, so she decides on something a little more...tangible.

Go, Bella!


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