Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Long...

Once upon a time, some Lambs ventured into Whitlock Harem territory. The peen-nosed fox was a crafty bugger...and a sexy beast. The seduction was fast and furious. Love blossomed, and before anyone could ask, “Is that unicorn pissing a rainbow?”, a mutant was conceived. The geneticist told both our blogs that we were very lucky – this hybrid would possess all the best attributes of its parents – House of Debauchery, Bitch Slap, Major-Turn-Offs, Where in the World, Truth is Stranger, Silly Saturdays, fandom interviews, and free-for-all fic recommendations. Not only that, but this hybrid would be even prettier (because we know only pretteh people succeed in life *snort*), and it would spawn new segments that would include both an RP and Whore of the Month segment.

*sigh of utter bliss*

But we need your help, Haremites and Lamb Chops – What do we name this monstrous beauty? “Thing” just won’t cut it, you know? We know you’re a creative bunch, so let the creative juices flow! And if you have any fandom interview suggestions – authors, betas, RPers, sites – or Where in the World requests, please speak now! Has anyone burned your britches in a review? *dons whiteknight armour* Let us at ‘em! Have you seen something so Twi-ridiciulous that you think we should share it with the rest of the fandom? Silly Saturdays would like to know about it! Think you’re a snazzy RPer? Show us what you’re made of.

Pimp yourself, whore out your friends, and dry hump the worthy!

Email us at or!

Altered Lions and Sacrificial Lambs will still be posting the occasional segment until the switchover, so don't fear... HoD, Silly Saturdays, and Monday Meet & Greets are still coming your way.


  1. i don't understand.. what does this mean? are you guys leaving this site? shutting it down? please say no!

  2. oh ok PHEW! sounds like a good mix. thanks for the reply