Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Wendy!!! (@jaspersbella13)

It's a certain Lambbaton's birthday today, and we wanted to give her lots of smooches, gropes, and inappropriate love - even in the midst of our merge with Whitlock Harem. We already quasi-failed Bacon_Butt (I think she may have tweeted/emailed something about her birthday feeling a little like Sixteen Candles o.O), so we put our responsible panties on today and threw something together for our Georgia Peach.

From Tina:

Wendy is our raging, machine-gun-wielding kitty, our sweetheart, and our baton twirler. I have to show her some Designing Women love as my gift to her because I consider her to be a mix between Delta and Dixie:

Anita decided to grace Wendy with poetry:

My ficwife is a dark-haired cutie
Her smile shows the depth of her beauty
I write to impress her
So I can undress her
And bury my face in her booty.

And a little bit of this:


A little flatulence on your birthday is a GOOD thing, honey!
especially at YOUR age *giggles*


Julie bought Wendy some shelves (very handy, Julie!):

From Nic:

And of course a little loving from Jackson!

From Maj:






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