Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Our own Lamb, Lucy - aka catonspeed - has passed her Master's Course!


Our girl here is so relieved! The poor thing is so busy, she never sleeps! So, to learn that she actually passed - even with those toothpicks propping her poor eyelids open during examination - Lucy decided to celebrate! She's a cheeky bugger, though, and got a little over-excited...a little too much to drinky-poo and a slick cat named Rufus later, know how these things go?

So, we present you with...Evolution of a Cat...may you never have to lug another heavy text book again, Lucy!


  1. Way to go, Ficwife! Now you can support my ass while I try to do something with my life.
    But srsly, Good job.

  2. Woo! No more lava emplacement equations - thank fuck! lol! Now i can apply for that PhD - because apparently i don't have enough on my plate already

    Tears of laughter are literally rolling down my face right now, which i suspect are champagne induced because the ability to shed tears is not in my DNA... i might lick them and see what they taste like!

    Anyways, back on track here --> thank you so much for my kitty montage, were you stalking me today, because this is a surprisingly accurate run down of my day. I can file those books away and don't have to take them to Vegas with me over new years now, which is all kinds of WIN!

    Much love to all of you for this piece of comedy gold! I heart it long and hard ;)

    L x

  3. Congratumalations my lill crackfox, you truely are a smart cookie! I'm so freaking proud of you!

    Good Luck with your PHD sweetie and I hope we can all help keep some funn fuckery in your life when you decide to haul big ass text books about again! I bow down to your greatness!

    Love Clurrabella