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Wednesday One Shots for 11/25/09

catonspeed recommends The Naughty List by LunarEclispe1
Bella goes to her best friend’s Alice's job Christmas party. She would rather be at home watching the holiday specials when a mysterious stranger by the name of Jasper catches her eye.Will sweet Bella stay nice...

I've been naughty, too, this year. Where's my Jasper? *looks under sofa* I don't see him here...

This is an entry for the HFTH one-shot contest. Bella and Jasper's eyes meet across the room at a Christmas party, and I'm waiting for them to throw down already, but LunarEclispe1 doesn't make it that easy for you, oh no! She ramps up a cheeky bit of tension for you, which isn't always easy in a shortish O/S, but it's done nicely, and I'm chomping at the bit when Alice tells Bella where she's left her coat.

The interaction between the two of them is hot and steamy, and you have to say strapless dresses FTW, and hoot and holla for the appearance of a little smirksper, because that fella is always appreciated.

Read it! And then check your list, and read it twice, because yeah... fuck the good list! I've been a baaaaaaad girl this year, Santa!

IdreamofEddy recommends Finally Home by Whitlock's Girl
Entry for the "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" contest. "Knowing that Bella would never be mine nearly destroyed me and I realized that if I wanted any chance at a future where I wasn't pining for her, then I needed to leave."

Finally Home is one hell of a one-shot; and damn, it would have made a great multi-chapter story. It's an all-human tale, with Jasper as a struggling ex-marine/ranch owner after his wife left him and took him to the cleaners. Bella is a childhood sweetheart, who shows up one day after leaving her husband and they gradually rebuild his family's legacy, as they build up their own relationship.

The old feelings are there, of course, and it all leads up to one hell of a fuck-hot lemon; and, from beginning to end, it's just fantastic. This one-shot has one, if not the best human characterizations of what I think is one very masculine Jasper Whitlock. He's a sweet talkin' son of a bitch who works hard, sweats harder, fucks like a bull, and is every girl in Iowa's dream. It's one of the best.

JaspersDestiny recommends Watching You Play by Insideitall

Bella watches Jasper play and he starts to understand why. Rated: T

Yes. Another Insideitall one shot, two weeks in a row. Why? Simply because she writes wonderful one shots. She makes it so easy to just pluck one from her arsenal of goodies. This one shot is special to me, though, because, while I love my smutty one shots, this one left something with me after I read it precisely because it had no smut. There is only an allusion to lovemaking. And, it's beautiful. It's very short - only 608 words - and it focuses on Jasper playing his guitar while Bella watches. She wishes his fingers would play her like he plays that instrument. And, she's not getting a thing from Eddy-boy...but, there's something deeper to Bella's need for Jasper's touch. It's not an all-physical need to just be touched by him because Edward won't touch's a need to be touched by him, you understand? Jasper "gets" it. So, he teaches her how to play, and in turn touches her while playing. The more Jasper teaches Bella, the closer they get, and the further away Edward and Alice get. Just the way I like it!

Maelyn recommends Whitlock's by lacym3
Jasper is the owner of a bar in downtown Seattle named Whitlock's.He places an ad in the local newspaper for a bartender, but when beautiful Bella Swan answers, both of their lives will change forever. For the 'Home for the Holidays' One shot contest.

I'm feeling fluffy this week, so I opted for a one shot that was filled with sentiment.

When they first meet, they are both attracted to each other. Jasper bides his time, trying to get to know Bella. But, Bella is apprehensive, troubled by events of her past. Bella resists him as best she can, but who could resist such a sweet, caring man?

I love that they felt the instant attraction, but that it culminates over time into something beautiful. The lemon is even beautiful. It's lovemaking. He is so tender with her, and her feelings, and you can't help but love it.

The 'epilogue' is cute, sweet and funny. Exactly what you'd expect from a man in that situation, but I don't want to give anything away. It's definitely worth the read if you're looking for a fluffy one shot with a loving lemon.

missmaj recommends To Get Back Home by LaViePastiche

After a difficult breakup leaves Bella a shell of herself, her best friend helps her find her way back. One-shot. My entry for the Love Through Lemons contest. AU/AH Rated M for...lemon, duh.

Want Jaspergasm? You found the right o/s right here.

Jasper and Bella has been best friends for years. She suffers from a heartbreak, he was there to pick up the pieces. During this difficult time Bella made a habit of staying with Jasper at nights. But in this particular night, their actions would change the course of their friendship.

It's short, it's sweet. Mix it with lemonade and you have a fantastic o/s. Not much words were exchanged between the two, but you could feel the underlying love and devotion toward each other. Jasper was just the perfect best friend you could ever ask for, and as Bella would find out later on, also the perfect lover.

My only wish was that I hope she would continue this, because this had all the fixings of a great multi-chapter fic. *hint-hint*

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