Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Get Off in Volterra Contest


Do you like the Volturi? Especially the MEN of the Volturi? Well, anyone who is reading my story can guess that I do. Seriously, have you SEEN my Demetri?

But, I digress. Why am I asking about the Volturi? That's what you're wondering, right? Well, as you may know, we really like the men of Twilight, and each month we are spotlighting someone different. November was Jasper; December will be Emmett; but, January will be The Volturi!

In honor of our upcoming Volturi month, we thought it would be fun to host the I Get Off in Volterra Contest, where all the lovely ladies of the fandom can write a sufficiently sexy one shot involving one of those Italian bad boys. How yum is that?! I'm drooling at the prospect, really. I'm so excited that I'm tempted to write an outtake from my story about a certain up and coming couple ...

So, please head over to the I Get Off in Volterra Contest profile on FFn and get brainstorming on some lovely, lemony goodness to share with us!


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