Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drewsper, The Hillywood Show, and Parodies

So I follow the P.I.C.'s Fanfic Corner blog, which has been doing a Jasper week this week.  I've only just found this blog, so I'm still checking out all the stuff.  Their story for today is Saint Saturday! Jasper Week: DREWSPER!!!.  I know, you're wondering who Drewsper is.  Let me back up a little here...

There is a dynamic duo called Hilly and Hannah Hindy, who have their own little personally funded, acted, produced, directed, and edited show called The Hillywood Show.  They are apparently somewhat known for doing a really great Twilight Parody.  I'm embedding it below, because you really can't miss it.  It starts off pretty much like the movie, but keep watching.  It gets better!  I was giggling through most of it.  That saddest part is that Hilly is better than KStew as Bella (imo).  Oh, and Drewsper?  Apparently Drew is the actor in the show who plays Jasper, and he does a fairly good job of copying the acting from the movie.

They also have done a parody of The Dark Knight, which is also really good.  They've done a New Moon Parody sneak peek.  The full parody for it will be out next year it looks like.  I'm going to be checking out some of their regular epidsodes as well, so see what they are like.

Really, check out the PIC Fanfic Corner and their Saint Saturday blog today.  And definitely don't forget to check out The Hillywood Show.  Those girls really seem to have a talent for this shit!  :)


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