Saturday, November 28, 2009

JaspersStoryAlter Update!


He word from the elusively non-elusive JaspersStoryAlter:

lol! *sticks tongue out right back
I may admit that I might of, maybe forgotten about this story *cue blush. On the up side I know what happens next, I'll get it written down in the next few days and out to you all asap.

Yay! I mean, I always knew she wasn't hiding...she's just a busy woman who gets many, many ideas in her head all the time for new fics...if you haven't checked them out already, here are her other stories:

Both Broken
Your words will damn me <-- which I really like
Do What It Takes<-- which I love (I even rec'd and reviewed it recently)
All talk and no action<-- dirty, dirty Jasper...mmmm...I'll scream for you, Mr. Man...
Last Chance<-- seriously, you should read this...Edward won't change Bella, so Jasper decides to take care of things, with a dash of love on the side.

So, you can see why JaspersStoryAlter is my go-to gal for one shots.

But, she's a mystery...her profile page indicates:

Yes this is my alter. I write regularly on this site under a different name but need somewhere to post my stories that are a little diferent. If you want more of one of my stories let me know and I'll continue it if its popular.

No I dont think I will be revealing who I am unless you can guess yourself. ;-)

I will work on these stories to meet demand so if you want to see more you have to say so. They will come second priority to my other stories though. (-:

I know who she is.../*dances around the fire pit..tee hee...but, I'll never tell. I wish I could, though, because her regular profile has great stories...

In terms of Dmor of Votum, we're looking forward to Chapter 3! Woo! Just, don't make me write another segment on you in a few months if we haven't seen Chapter 4/*winks mischievously.

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  1. lol, your such a smart ass Tina. You made my day, again (-: