Sunday, November 8, 2009

Janna Banana Update!


Hello Janna Banana fans!

I have received word from Janna! She is alive and well in Ottawa, my nation's capital! She's been busy entertaining the Prime Minister and Governor General, among others...

She enjoyed the "Where in the world is..." segment and would like her fans to know that she has been very busy, so writing has been on the backburner for her lately.

However, she has completed two chapters of the sequel to When Darkness Turns To Light, which deals with Edward's reaction to Jasper and Bella. She has also written about 20 pages of a one shot which focuses on Jasper's first day training the Guard in Volterra.

So, she says that the sequel is most definitely in her head, the one shot is almost done, and when things clear up a bit more, she will have the time to really sit down and write.


We love you, Janna! Thank you!


  1. Squeeling like a school girl over here!!! That's so awesome! I can't wait until she posts them. :)