Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Selections for 11/8/09

catonspeed recommends Phone Calls by CurlyDimples

Edward and Bella are together and happy. That is until Bella and Jasper form a friendship through nightly phone calls. E/B A/J at first, then B/J. Rated M

He wears leathers in chapter 9 and rides a motorbike...? That's a valid reason right? Hmmm... you probably want to know important things like 'character development' and 'writing mechanisms employed to induce love' though, damn. Ok, I can do that. CurlyDimples constructs a humanly flawed but likeable character with actual depth. He isn't perfect, but that's ok - perfect is dull and gives us no story. He builds a friendship with Bella through nightly phone calls (wonder where the title came from... KIK), where we learn more about his likes, dislikes, hobbies, and his essential Jasperness that makes us fall in love with him and wish for a Jasper of our very own. He's considerate, without being a pansy, and takes Bella's opinions and life into consideration - defending her and building her up when Edward is trying to tear her down and make her conform to his backdated ideals. Plus, he pins Bella up against the wall in the garage, and that seen is all kinds of hotness. It's fluffy and light in places to counteract the emotional bitchfest Edward and Alice have going on at our two nearly lovers, and the banter is crafted beautifully.

All these things make me heart him long time, and wonder at what point science will let me genetically engineer such a creature. They kept jacko alive for that long, this must be possible right?

JaspersDestiny recommends When Darkness Turns To Light by Janna Banana

4 years after Edward left Bella in the forest; Bella is finally moving forward, but it is someone from her past that helps her truly heal and obtain the future she was always meant to have. Bella and Jasper fanfic. Rated M

This was my first Jasper/Bella story. What can I say? Janna Banana made me dump Edward's sorry ass. I will forever be a Jasper gal because of this story. WDTTL is a LOOONG story, so well-written, excessively romantic, deliciously sexy, dramatic, heartbreaking, everything a great story needs to be. Janna takes Stephenie's underdeveloped Jasper and creates a character of such depth and beauty. And, Bella's growing self-awareness in this story is what caused me to actually begin to like her as a character. She's grown up and she is no longer that annoyingly clumsy, wishy-washy person I couldn't stand in the series. She realizes that Edward was just her first love and not perfect for her. She relinquishes both Edward's and Jacob's hold on her to be able to move forward with Jasper. I so look forward to Janna's sequel.

Maelyn recommends The Air That I Breathe by journey2002

After Bella's catastrophic 18th birthday, Jasper leaves, returning to the one thing he knows he is good at...war. Can he one day find the redemption he doesn't know he is looking for? Jasper/Bella Rated M for language and Lemons later. Drama and Romance

This is one of my favorite stories out there, even if the author doesn’t update very often. Why? Because it is so original. Jasper is so dark and tortured that you just want to scoop him up and tell him everything will be okay, even if he’d never let you get close enough. This is definitely the God of War type Jasper that so many of us love. Bella is a badass herself, even though she is human in this story. She's just as dark as Jasper and with good reason, her story being so dark and tragic that she actually is a good match for this Jasper. I love a Bella who stands up for herself and doesn't take shit. You have to enjoy watching how they both knock each other back a few pegs, both deal with their internal issues while learning of the other's, and both do their best to deal with the growing attraction to the other. It's a great read that I hope you give a try if you haven't already.


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