Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where in the world is...JaspersStoryAlter?


Yeah, I'm a little shit, Bumble Bee! I know where you are, but your go-to gal is going to call you out on a little story she's loved for faaaaar tooooo long called...ummm....what was it, again? How the hell should I know? I've only been waiting since, like June...sorry, I get Alzheimer's sometimes...dahhhh...ummm...Oh! That's right!

Dmor of Votum

This story worked me up immediately. What a sexy beginning! Jasper is so hot, working Bella up that way...Smirksper, Lucy! Smirksper! And, like a lot of readers, I was in no way prepared for what Jasper and Bella were actually, not at all. But, I do know one thing: that has never happened to me. Ever. That is something played out ideally in film, but in real life? Nah...something close happened to me once! But, when the guy turned his head, huskily, toward my face, he had Cheerio-breath - which is probably the worst breath someone can have in a potentially romantic situation. Worse than garlic breath. Worse than cabbage breath. The Worst. Jasper? He doesn't eat the shit, so it could never happen. But, I digress...

Dirty, dirty Jasper, teasing Bella so...

One of my favourite reviewers is Byjinder, who writes in Chapter 1: It's Jasper. JASPER! Southern Sex God Jasper! If I were Bella, I would say screw the entire family 'cause I'm screwing Jasper!<--Yeehaw, honey, for sure! Christ, this woman doesn't even write for Twilight...goodness, Jasper is a loved, loved man! But, then again, she follows up in Chapter 2 with an even more hysterical reaction: D!D!D!D!D!D!D!D! Naughty Spank Me Fun! Who cares about Alice and Edward! Sex God Jasper is worth EVERYTHING!<-- even orphaned kittens, my dove?

Your Jasper is so hot, actually, that...well...goodness/*shudders slightly, but loves it anyway --> you found a grandma! sakari-x! Holy shit! The woman has grandkids who are old enough to read adult fanfiction!/*rubs eyes, hit all age levels, woman! HA hahaha...Anyway, she writes: Great chapter, very hot! I do love me some sexy Jasper *pant*. <-- Fuck me, a panting granny! She goes on to write: So hard to choose what's next... hmm.. I would really love some spank me sex, and even some in the story, but I think I'm going to vote for B. Spank me sex can come in a few more chapters./*sorry, had to use some Lysol..

Your writing style is something that I have always loved, as is probably evident in my reviewing you often, in many places/*winks

But, I'm not the only one who likes your writing style. I'll remind you of some of the love you have received from others:

Corrupted Desires writes: *bouncebounce* Thanks for the sweet mental imagry in this...

JaspersBella writes that Chapter 2 is f**king fantastic!

*dons SUPER investigative gear* Woof! I found her! MIDNIGHT SEDUCTRESS! HA! Why do I find her lurking when I'm still awaiting a response from her for my segment on her? Ahem...she writes: Hmm, I think I'm going to go with C. As much as I'd like to see them having 'naughty spank me fun', I think seeing them try to fight their feelings would make a better story. Plus, we all know that a little lust will make the shagging twice as good when they give in ;) Great chapter, loved it x

What a naughty little thing you are! Tsk tsk tsk...Two little chapters...two! And, a little Booyah! in your summary on FFn indicating, and I quote: Jasper/Bella Cast your vote on what happens next. It's an awesome idea, actually. But, it especially works if you continue the story! You set out the options for voting how this story should unfold, but then you leave us hanging like a bunch of stunned monkeys, waiting for Chapter 3...and then 4? Maybe Cinque? Definitely Six...but, Sept is so lovely, isn't it? Hmmm, even our own missmaj writes about the exciting possibilities for this story: This is amazing! It's like Choose Your Own Adventure for grown-ups! Letter C please! Naughty stuff can wait. A and B makes for a better story. The more drama the better!<-- see? Even missmaj wants a longer, more drawn out story! In my own review to you, I ask you to keep it slow and sweet because what would a story be without the torture? And then I beg you to Please torture us?

Clurrabella concurs: I would love to see A) played out! Im really enjoying what iv read so far, id love for you to write more, you have a great style =]

Kitsanken writes: I love your style of writing. So darn "bad" that it's mouth watering goodness! Bravo! For what it's worth, my vote is DEFINITELY for C...I just LOVE the tension associated with unrequited love and sexual frustration...just as long as there's a light at the end of the tunnel! There's just something so appealing about a frustrated, somewhat repressed, struggling Jasper who's in denial. And, of course, the stress associated with trying to thwart both Alice and Edward's Gifts. Bella, of course, has it a little easier...she just has to worry about Alice. At any rate, I've enjoyed all of your fics thus far and am looking forward to more smexiness in the future.<-- yeah, where's the "more smexiness"?/*tear falls onto keyboard...

Chapter 2 ended with Emmett promising to keep Jasper and Bella's naughtiness a secret, for now, and Jasper and Bella acknowledging that even though they love Alice and Edward, they can't deny what they're feeling in this moment. You provided this at the end:

They didn't care that they got caught but now Jasper is going to make sure Emmett keeps his mouth shut so Alice and Edward dont find out about it from him.

The winning votes from last chapter will be an ongoing theme but cast you vote on what happens next.

A) They try to stay away from eachother even though they think they're falling in love

B) They try to stay away from eachother by ignoring the sexual attraction

C) Both of the above

D) They dont care if Alice and Edward find out and they run off for some naughty spank me fun (They dont try to hide it but dont go out of their way to tell)

E) They have naughty spank me fun and then try to explain it to their partners

NOTE that the key word is TRY :-D

Squeeze me? With 47 reviews for two chapters, I know that readers voted...yes? Allow me to re-tabulate Chapter 2's votes for you, darling, in case you got a tad confused:

A) 4 votes
B) 1 vote
C) 8 votes
D) 6 votes
E) 7 votes

So...drum roll, please...your readers want to see C) both 'They try to stay away from eachother even though they think they're falling in love' and 'They try to stay away from eachother by ignoring the sexual attraction'.

Also, I think you got your minimum of 15 votes required to continue this story, at least to Chapter 3/* hate me right now, don't you?

So, where is it mademoiselle? Your fans have spoken/*sticks tongue out at you...


  1. She writes the best o/s I've ever read.
    And I love the idea of having the readers chose the next chapter.
    I hope she returns for more.

  2. lol! *sticks tongue out right back
    I may admit that I might of, maybe forgotten about this story *cue blush. On the up side I know what happens next, I'll get it written down in the next few days and out to you all asap.
    Oh and Tina - I think my ego may have just exploded, I blame you entirely :-D
    & Thanks missmaj (-:

  3. OMG! It IS you!
    BRB, fangirl squealing...