Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kissing some Lamb ass, and then some...

Okay, so I felt the need to do this because I believe that greatness needs to be shared with the entire world, and not just the bitchy bullshit. And, the fact is, I do this blog with not only some great ladies, but some of the most talented individuals I have ever come across. Let's face it, the Twilight fanbase is just amazing, anyways, and the creativity that comes out of some of these minds can be shocking, awe-inspiring, and even impact on our real lives. It has mine.

So, yes, I'm going to dote on my girls a little bit because CONGRATULATIONS are in order, I feel the need to pimp out and dry hump some shit, thanks are to be given, and thoughts and prayers mentioned. I'll mention those first.

Cass (Scorpio21) was in a MVC recently, and while she wasn't drastically injured, her injuries led to other complications with medications, and she required a lengthy stay in the ICU and a few surgeries. We haven't been able to converse with her too much but we wish her well, and I've enjoyed some under-the-influence emails. Miss you, Cass. And, I've rec'd her story before, but if you haven't read The Long Road Home, you need to!

Mae, who was the focus of this week's Monday Meet and Greet, has recently started writing her own multi-chapter fic, called Unfathomable Bonds. It's a Jasper/Bella tale with a unique twist. Twilight did not happen in her story, and what Mae is creating is a mature tale, in all aspects. She's even gone so far as to put her own faces to her characters, the only exception is that her Jasper is Jackson Rathbone. UB's Bella never went to Forks, and after going through some life altering experiences - college, Renee's death - Bella takes an opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy after she becomes somewhat obsessed with and compelled to a picture of a bust, who we happen to find out is Didyme. The bust, of course, is in Volterra.

I'm intrigued to see where this story will go. Marcus plays a major role in her story, and I can't wait, of course, to see how Jasper is integrated into the mix. Mae has only given us four chapters so far, but the detail and the time she puts into each shows. And, I'm sure if you write, you know how much of that time goes into research. I actually wasn't surprised she could write so well, as Mae is one of the most dedicated and organized people I know. So, please, go read UB, and then check out her blog, where she keeps information regarding the story and her character bios, as well.

Next is..well, Lucy. And I don't think I have the ability to describe the fuckery that is HER. I have been left speechless by her tweets, and in awe of her ability to write one of the most fucked up and intensely beautiful and heartbreaking tales EVER. I have, and will always consider SEM one of my all time favorite Jasper/Bella fics, but this story here is quickly taking over the number one spot I had given it. So, yes, The Last Mile is a little on the neurotic crack fic side, but you have to appreciate the complexity of it because you can see that Bella, who goes through one of the most detailed and devastating experiences ever thought up by a Twilight FF author as of yet, has come back to life. And, I love her Bella. You can't help but love and adore her. And, Jasper, too. And Peter? Well, fuck me up the ass.

Not only that, but Miss Lucy, along with lacym3 were the grand winners for the Round Mound of a Beehound Contest sponsored by sparagus and MaitresseSaint. RMoaB was a crack fic contest thought up by these two ladies, and the idea was to inject as many vaginal euphemisms as possible into a one-shot. (Ex. beef curtains, crayfish crevice, dripping spazhole, jizz catcher, meat locker, soggy pita, yawning hippo, etc, etc). Lucy and Lacy's entry was called Master Cuddlecock. I warn you, before you read any of these entries, be sure to go take a piss and move all containers containing liquid away from your computer. Do NOT eat or drink. We don't need to hear about anyone choking to death on some Cuddlecock.

The next is missmaj- Hhhaha! Now, this woman, this little gifted thing, is quite extraordinary. Follow her on Twitter, and you'll see what I mean. She has also started to write her own multi-chapter fic called A Change in Course. Edward and Bella are ex-lovers and best friends in this fic, and Edward is gay. This, too, is a Jasper/Bella fic, but it's also an Edward/Peter fic. My god. My Gawd! I never would have thought I could love this combination, but I dooo! It is an all human fic, and for her first multi-chapter fic, it's going great. Her last chapter was so intense, I literally couldn't wait to read the next paragraph or the next batch of dialogue, and for someone who in her own, unique way detests Edward, she writes him very well. But, Maj has already set a record in my book. She wrote the first Peter/Jasper slash story I read, and she raped a fairy tale too :)

CinderBella also won in RMoaB for Judge's Pick and Hostess Pick. Now, I realize that this contest didn't get enough attention and there weren't that many entries, but everyone who put an entry into this thing deserves a round of applause, or at least let them know when they get the stories posted to their accounts that you had a good laugh, because that's what this contest was for.

So, yeah, I had to do this because I love all these ladies, and they are all extremely talented as far as I'm concerned. And, the fact is, they are all dedicated to making this blog a successful one, and I think we're on our way there. Please take some time, and bring an open mind when you read their stories.


  1. My love for you just grew ten fold. Kevin Smith is genius! I would have his babies and Jason Mewes is an idiot, but I'd lay down for him too. These two videos made my morning.

  2. OMFJ That was the best shit I've seen. And Jay's lamb dance yes! I love Jay and Silent Bob. Tina, seriously, you have to see their movies. They are the best crack of shit ever! I suggest Mallrats or Dogma to get your started. Oh geez, still laughing.

    The hand puppet sheepy thing just killed me, and the J-Pop is awesome! I can't wait to pimp this shit out for the vids alone.

    Thank you sooo much Kay for pimping us out like this. I guess it's a lil payback for fangirling on your so much, but I don't mind. We have some awesome talent and we should flaunt it!

    To be honest, I've not read Lucy's fic yet, but it's on board as my next one. I've heard nothing but love about it and I kinda can't wait to, so as soon as I get a chance, I'm curling up with that shit.

    Maj is just fuckawesome, as a writer and a person. I love that girl to pieces. Her fics are pure fucking gold and some of the funniest shit I've read ever. ACIC just KILLS me and Cinderbella... just genius!

    Tina is also amazing. (Seriously all these girls are!) She's my new beta and has been doing an awesome job putting up with me and my mistakes and nagging her about plot LOL. And the work she does on this blog is superb. She's works her butt off in so many ways that you have to be amazed at how she does it all.

    Kay, of course, I think I've said all in various ways how much I fangirl on you, but I can't tell you how glad I am I stalked your ass in CM cuz this has been the greatest experience and I'm so glad you asked me to be a part of the Lambs.

    Well, I just got up and this is like one of the first things I saw, so my day is ROCKIN'. I'm gonna go do shit now with a huge smile on my face... And maybe watch those vids again cuz that shits funny!!

    I love the world today! :D

  3. Aw... I wish I could give you all a group hug. You guys are all amazing people and I'm glad I get to know you guys, regardless of our locations and timezones.
    Thanks Kay, for a good kiss in my butt. I really appreciate it.
    Jay and Silent Bob FTW!
    Dogma was my favorite movie of theirs!