Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mae's Spreadsheet Madness

So, a few months ago I had a lot of time on my hands and was reading a LOT of fanfiction.  (Not that I don't now, lol.)  I was getting frustrated because even though I had saved favorites and alerts for stories on FFn, it didn't tell me which story was which (cuz I can never keep them straight), the pairing, if I'd read it and how much, etc.

This finally frustrated me to the point that I loaded up excel and started a spreadsheet.  I copied and pasted my lists into the sheet, then started re-vamping it.  Since then it's been tweaked and edited a few times until it became what it is now.

Included in the spreadsheet:
  • # of chapters read/total
  • Date last updated
  • Complete or not
  • Pairing
  • Rating
  • Title
  • Author
  • Description
It's also color coded:
  • White = Story not yet complete, but I've read all the updates out so far
  • Peach = Story complete and I've read all updates
  • Yellow = Story may be complete or not, but I've not read any of it yet
  • Green = Story may be complete or not, but I've only read some of the chapters out so far
  • Blue = Story may be complete or not but I lost where I was when I was reading 

Needless to say, it was a big project, but it was totally worth it.  Now I update it once every week or whenever I have a chance.

When I get updates in my email, I move them to a folder in my mailbox.  Then as I update my spreadsheet, I delete them from my mail.  It takes like 15 mins/wk or so, depending how many updates I got that week.

So, here it is, my epic spreadsheet, for your download.  I've not updated in a few days, but I figure you may be able to use some of the info there, such as titles, authors, pairings and descriptions.  Enjoy!


  1. That was so incredibly impressive. I think you have read more ff thank me and I am so disorganised. There is very little overlap in our reading so what I would have really been interested in seeing would be how you are rating the story even just a score out of 10. No matter how much I read I am always looking for a good rec Thank you

  2. That is amazing. You obviously put a lot of work into it! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I don't really rate my stories. If people ask for rec's, I try to find out what they are interested in (pairing, lemons, whatever) and suggest something appropriate.

    There are a few that will always be on my rec list, such as Colliding Meteors, When Darkness Turns to Light, The Orbiting Meteor, Insecurities, Master of the Universe, etc. :)