Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where in the world is...stephenie-inspired-novelwriter?


Oh, how I love stephenie-inspired-novelwriter's story A second chance at love! This story had me sooo excited that when an update would pop up, I would literally yell, "Coffee Break!" at work, "illegally" print said chapter, and fuck off for whatever length of time it would take me to read it. Imagine me outside the local bakery, coffee in hand, cigarette in the other, and new chapter balancing precariously on my knees whilst sitting on the bakery's old milk crate...classy? No. But, I have learned that being an AVID FFn reader does not equal dignity. We have been known, from time-to-time, to even neglect our loved ones...

So, A second chance at love. I love it. It is just such a wonderful Jasper/Bella tale. Yes, yes...I know it's Emmett month! Give me a break, people! I'm trying to read Emmett tales, so I can't just pull a non-updating Emmett-writing author out of my ass, you know? Besides, I'm a selfish bitch, and I want to know where stephenie-inspired-novelwriter is...OKAY?


A second chance at love hasn't been updated since July 23, 2009. There is a good reason for the no-update situation, though. But, you will have to read this story's 16 chapters to find out the reason - let's just say that stephenie-inspired-novelwriter explains her reason, and this reason is hers alone to publicize. I respect her and what she must be going through lately.

Now, I know that NCChris and I supposedly "tag-teamed" stephenie-inspired-novelwriter with "PMs of love and encouragement" and got her to "open the chapter and start writing" - and completing - Chapter 16. Yeah, we ARE kind of cool like that...but, when there's love, there's love! So, I guess what I hope to accomplish with this segment is the same...and, hopefully, Chapter 17 may unfold?

stephenie-inspired-novelwriter: How are you, hon? Please respond and let your many fans know where you are at in terms of this fantastic fic? I hope that somehow this little segment can turn your life downside up/*wink wink...

Tag-teaming is fun...but, it makes me feel a little like a British Bulldog. I don't think I look like either Davey Boy Smith or Dynamite Kid, do you?


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  1. Hey, hon - if you read this, I'm still thinking about you and I'm here if you need me! MWAH!