Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sacrificial Lambs Give Back...Update!

Hi everyone!

Merina Green won my beta'ing skills at auction, and she has just started posting her first fan fic at FFn. It's called Running:

What do you do when someone steals your Happily Ever After? Sometimes eternity can take an unexpected turn.

It's a unique, M-rated, Jasper/Bella drama/romance's slow-paced (in a great way) and it's a mystery! Prepare yourselves for some new and interesting characters...

And, prepare yourselves for some Jasper-lovin' in fur...RAAAWR!


I just wanted to pimp her out a bit...she's new, so be gentle...but, she can take the heat, too, which is why I like her!

Congratulations, Donna! I am very proud of you and you know I love this story!

Check it out everyone!


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