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Sunday Selections for December 27, 2009

IdreamofEddy recommends To Be Atoned by AliceinAngst

Emmett lives his life seeking atonement for a tragedy that he blames himself for. To what lengths will he go, will he lose his new found friendship with Rose? Will he lose himself? Can Rose look beyond her own demons to help him?

I'm gonna save my bitches for the group review in regards to the lack of quality Emmett fics, but I AM going to say that they're is some quaint little gems out there, if you know where to look. I think the first place to look is with canon fics, with Rosalie and Emmett as your central characters. But let's face it, there's just not a rush of Twilight fans out there that are knocking at the doors of those who have taken the pair and have written a unique take or a well written story. I know I'm not looking for them. It's Bella and Edward. It's Bella and Jasper. It's Edward and Jasper. Emmett was portrayed as 'big lug' slash jock slash dumbass just too much in both Stephenie's eyes and those that are in the FF fandom. Why they are rare you just don't see enough stories that portray his character in a respectable fashion. He's the big brother that very few want to read about, and if you don't have the readers, you don't have the FF writers.

TBA is a good little angsty, all human fic. It'll make you teary-eyed. And Emmett, well wow. What an interesting past the author created for him, and not only that, but she gave him a brain, and some fucking common sense. Both Emmett and Rosalie have been traumatized by unfortunate events that occurred in the past, and what this story is about is showing how they heal one another. Oh, and they do it without sleeping with each other. What I liked the most is the author made these characters just so down to earth.

There is no lemon in this story, but there is a little intimate er..bathroom scene. (She should have peeked, Alice!) I'd say this one of the most believable tales I have read to date. It's mature, angsty, heartwarming, and I also sense the author has some of her own personal experiences plugged into this little gem.

Go read it, I'm glad I did.

JaspersDestiny recommends Notion by Dalia907

Bella & Emmett are best friends traveling the Professional Rodeo circuit together. A stop at an NYC rodeo brings Bella face to face w/ her self, her issues, and an encounter that could change her simple life. B,E,EM,J,A,R; AU/AH/some non-cannon pairings.

So, I got word from Dalia907 that she is writing an Emmett/Bella fic (18 chapters in) and that if I wanted to, could I rec it for her...I said, "Sure, but I'll be completely honest." Here's 'honest': you have to read this story! It's sooo good. The research that has been applied to this story in terms of the rodeo circuit is outstanding (mind you, I don't know shit about rodeo circuits, so if she don't know, then I don't know the difference).

Seriously. I'm actually a bit surprised at the meager little review count of 100...there are shit stories out there with far more reviews, unbelievably. What Dalia907 gives us in this story is a rodeo-filled adventure featuring all-human Bella, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Edward...Christ...EVERYONE, basically, from Twilight is in this story in one way or another, including the Volturi. They pop up like microwave popcorn...or like that game at the fair where you have to beat those groundhogs (or whatever they are) that pop out of their little holes??? Yeah. That. Pop.Pop.Pop.

Each character is "like" canon...but, you like them. I mean, you LIKE them. Bella's a confuzzled mess when it comes to the romantic admirations thrown her way, though, per the usual. But what do we get? Awesomeness, that's what. Edward-loving, Jasper-loving, and eventually, Emmett-loving. And, Dalia907 makes you want Bella to be with each of these fine men. Hell. I'm just going to spit it out. This is the first time in FF history for me where I LOOOOOVED Edward. Loved him. So much. That lemon was HOT. Three times, Edward? Yeah, three times, baby...

But then, as that situation resolves itself beautifully, and Jasper enters the picture MORE seriously, we love Jasper (who wouldn't?). And we want Bella and Jasper to be together...but then there's Emmett. Christ. You know what? Can I just have all three? Dalia907 has my head spinning like a top, loving each of these men incredibly...and this is also the first time where I WANT Bella to end up with Emmett because of their history together. I'm rooting for him. But, I'm rooting for all of them. I'm just going to kill Bella and keep them all for myself. And, the story is so funny. Sure, there may have been moments where I was cocking my head at consistency points...and maybe sometimes at the pacing in terms of the coupling. But it's just a pure whirlwind of lovin' and much hotness...whew...

Just read the damn thing! I still am. I only got to Chapter 10 before I had to put it aside to do this review (it's 2:54 AM and I'm a beat-up pussycat). But finish it, I will.

Maelyn recommends Snapshots of Polyamory by fiberkitty

When Edward and Bella met Emmett and Rosalie while camping, they learn that love does not always mean one plus one. A brief look at the lives of two couples joining to become one heart, one life, one love. ExBxEmxR, Rated M, polyamory.

While the word polyamory may lead you to think this fic is filled with foursome smut, it's not. It's about the emotional journey these people make - as individuals, as couples, and as a polyamorous family.

It deals with the worries of prejudices from outsides, friends, and family.

It deals with long distance relationships and how they can work out in the end.

And most of all, it deals with love, and shows that if everyone truly wants to make things work, that love will find a way.

I'm not a big Emmett fan as a main character, and most of you know I don't prefer any other leading lady than Bella, so this really wasn't my cup of tea. But I bit the bullet and read this one day because it was suggested to me and I decided to check it out. I'm glad I did because their journey is a beautiful story and gives us all hope.

missmaj recommends  Deconstructing Dracula by hmonster4

Fear, insecurity. They manifest themselves in different ways. An opportunity to spend 6 months in London working on a dissertation sets the wheels of fate in motion, radically changing the lives of 4 people in ways they never would have expected. AU/AH.

There are only a few stories where I absolutely loved Emmett as a secondary character, A Murmur of Fire in the Vein by ElleCC and this, Deconstructing Dracula.

This story is essentially an Edward/Bella fic, but Emmett plays a very significant part in this story. Bella is sent to London for a dissertation on Dracula. On the way there, she meets Emmett and they strike an instant friendship. The two are perfect for each other. So perfect that I almost wanted them to end up together. But alas, even with perfection comes the Achilles' heel. They seem to be missing the spark that you look for in finding that special someone.

I'm only about 20 chapters into the story, and I like what I'm reading so far. It's not light reading, and for a person like me who has a short attention span, I must really stay focused in order to understand the story. Let's put it this way: I'm the kind who enjoys something as light as a Bridget Jones' Diary type of movie. This story has an Atonement kind of calibre. And I loved both kinds.

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