Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Selections for December 20, 2009

catonspeed recommends Just Like You by Irenella Courmett

Emmett is a carefree, fun guy with a trust fund. Bella is a young college student with a bright future. A one night stand has consequences they don't expect or are prepared for. AH. AU. Contains MA content, please do not read if you are not of age.

Crash Hale and courthale... (the pair that makes up Irenella Courmett) I think I love you - you give me quality, well-written, sexy, likeable emmdad, dadmett, reformmett, shit... There are so few good Emmett fics out there, that he doesn't even have a name. Whatever you want to call him, he's all kinds of win ladies - so, thank you!

As the blurb says, the set up is a one night stand that leads to unexpected consequences, or, in this case...twins! *gasp!* unprotected smexing leads to children?!? Who knew?... *giggles* That's our knockout first chapter, with a mini time jump allowing our characters some room to get their growth and responsibility on. What follows is the coming together and finding of their shared rolls as parents after a chance meeting at an art exhibition, and the subsequent exploration of the undeniable force that pulled them together.

I recommend that everyone check this fic out! Oh, and go stalk them on Twitter, too, if you're an Emmett fan, as they made it National Emmett Appreciation Month/Year/Lifetime, and have been whoring out some fuckhot pictures...yum! Plus, they make me chuckle with their banter, and for that alone I love them!

Idreamofeddy recommends Fast and Hard by courthale

Bella is Emmett's secretary and he has a secret thing for her. One morning he walks in to find a very sexy Bella bent over his desk. Now what happens when they find that they feel the same for one another.

FAH is pretty much just a fun and delicious little fic with some human Emmett and Bella lovin'. Seriously, it's called Fast and Hard for a reason, you know. Courthale writes great multi-chapter smut and she does not fuck around with dainty terminology. It's a great little read if you're looking for something fun, so have a ball with it...Emmett's were kept content in this story...

JaspersDestiny erm...umm...recommends Lust&Guilt : Bella's Story by Genevieve Ann

Typical Hunting Trip to Denali leaves Bella alone with Jasper and Emmett. Lots of lemons, quite graphic, intended for ages 18 . Bella/Jasper Jasper/Bella/Emmett Bella/Emmett in that order most likely. Rated M

Okay...I'm so going to get flamed for this...LMFAO. I have to rec this story because it borders on cuddlecock terribleness (is that a word?)...but in the best of ways. And, seeing as how my contest will be drawing to a close at the end of this month (less than two weeks away), I present this R&R for your enjoyment...

I can't decide if it's horrible, or if it's horribly fun. Maybe a bit of both? It's only three chapters long (so far), so ANYONE can read this quickly (like 15 minutes quick).

Some cuddlecock horrors, in no particular order:

Jasper: “Ahh, Bella, Bella, Bella. I meant, are you enjoying being alone with two strong, powerful, and extremely attractive vampires?”

Jasper at that moment, moved to my panties, and began tearing the lacy material with his teeth, one strand at a time.<--REALLY? One lacy strand at a time??? Vampire dental floss!

Now, human Bella is STILL a VIRGIN, so riddle me this Batman: Pressing my ass against the wall of his room, Jasper shoved his full length into my wet, tight hole. At that, he pumped me back and forth, my head occasionaly hitting the wall behind me. I screamed his name in not only pure pleasure, but in agony every time he slowed down.

Mmm hmmm, that's the way MY first time went, for sure. Massive vampire cock being forcefully thrusted into mention of barrier-breakage...nada! Brava, Bella...brava! All after giving Jasper the blow job of the century (for her first time EVER). Wow.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but it was true. Jasper would have to run, Edward would kill him. There was no way I could leave Edward for one moment of lust and infidelity.
<--Edward killing Jasper (Southern warrior) = great comical relief

Jasper watched me closely. “I know that you feel guilty, Isabella, but since we have no other choice than to wait until his return, I suppose we could make the most of this weekend.” <--that's right, Bella. That's the logical decision. Make matters worse!

Typical Emmett: “You mean I don’t get to join in?” Emmett stood where Jasper had a few minutes earlier. His grin was wide, and I felt a little uneasy at the way he looked at me. “It’s not fair Jazz, that you get to manipulate her emotions to get her into bed with you. I figure, since I’m in on this little secret, that I should get a go at our little Isabella.”<--Now she's a ho!

There.Are.No.Words.For.This: He stripped down completely until he wore nothing but a woven shark tooth necklace, one that he bragged about from time to time as being his own handiwork. My mind raced thinking about the strength and power it would have took for Emmett to kill all of those sharks. I considered asking him about it but then remembered the task at hand.<--that's right, Bella, you were about to give him a massive blow job...wait! Ah, yes, here it is:

I sucked his erect cock as best I could. My eyes watered a little but I ended up taking the whole length in my mouth.

Bella is an impressive monkey, actually. She manages to deepthroat Emmett while getting screwed by Jasper after the shark tooth event...and then there is some cuddlecocking...sort of...and the...dun, dun, dun, duuuuuun, DUN! Edward comes home! GASP!

Seriously, we're talking about a story that uses 'toungue' too often, has many grammatical and spelling errors, illogical immediate attractions (well, not illogical to me, per se<--anything is better than Edward!), the most flawless loss of virginity on record, a little bit of guilt...lots of lust, and some seriously comical banter.

Fuck, I'm going to say it: I am actually looking forward to the next update because this is some funny shit. It's fun and the author has a diiiirty mind.

Read it! You'll enjoy it for all the wrong reasons...Emmett is Emmett and Jasper is Jasper. Enough said!

Mae recommends  Let's Get Physical by gemmabobella

Pure Fluff. AH AU Emmet/Bella Bella finds herself back in physical therapy after her latest encounter with the ground, and falls for her physical therapist Emmett. There will be no angst. pure fluff,short story M for language and citrusy goodness

When we decided on Emmett month, this was one of the first fics that came to mind. I love it. It'S short and sweet, but funny and sexy as hell. I even like Eddie in it! *snickers*

My favorite scene is in the sex shop. That shit is just stellar. Bella's conversation with the shop owner had me pissing my pants! It was so funny!

Emmett is sweet and sexy at the same time. He's also confident but insecure about Bella. He's confident in his skills as a player, but he's insecure because he wants her for more than a notch in his bedpost.

Bella is more mature than canon, which is always refreshing. She's confident and shy at the same time with Emmett. She is a great match for Emmett once she gets past the shyness, though.

So if you want a fluffy, cute, sweet, funny fic, this is for you.


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