Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where in the world is...LionsLamb?


Alright. Teener-weiner, pumpkin eater has a problem. I knew that at some point this would happen. You see, I have a rule when it comes to this segment: Only seek out authors who have disappeared, or stories that have not been updated for at least three months. That's fair, yes? Well, I'm out of juice, my friends. Thankfully, I suppose...but, it still leaves me in a quandary.

I have no one and no story to feature in today's segment based on my own readings.

So, here's my request to all of you: If there is a story or an author that YOU are seeking, my email is Send your requests to me, including what it is specifically about the author or story that intrigues you so much, and I will make my segment based on your requests.

With that said, I bring you Mae's request:

Beautiful Stranger by LionsLamb

A hot, Roman Summer. Two weeks. Two strangers, thrown together in a steamy overseas affair. Two separate loves brewing - for the other. One must leave, but the other inadvertently follows. UST, SMUT, humour, angst. B/E All-human.

It is apparent that Beautiful Stranger, unfinished at 15 chapters, has not been updated since August 7, 2009. Well, this fits my parameters perfectly!

I have checked both LionsLamb's profile page and Chapter 15 of this story to see if I could get any indication regarding a hiatus on the author's part. The answer? No. No hiatus.

So, I then clicked on the story's reviews, and I began to hear birds calling to me..."Where in the world is LionsLamb" over and over again:

BeckTheWreck: Can't leave the story hanging like this girl! I've read the whole thing and can I say STEAMY? Yes I can. It's been too long. This baby needs an update. :)

Elven at Heart: This was a wonderful chapter! Hope to see another update soon!

GottaLoveFanFiction: Awesome story.. I hope you will update soon.. can't wait till they "meet" again.

vampirenites: what a fucking idiot she was why would she leave and not ell him please finish the story and get them together for me pleae <--a bit pushy...and angry. But, she, too, is anxious, no?

GeorgieAndCo: please, that cannot be the can't let that be the end!he has to wake up and realise and go find her!

mrsjhale: This story is awesome! Please, please, please, please, please update.

canyaceme: I am heartbroken over the way this chapter ended. I can feel the pain of Bella leaving a man that she has come to love but is afraid of telling him, and the pain Edward will experience when he awakens to find her gone. God! This is awful! This story was so well written it carried you along with the characters so that you could actually feel what they felt, see what they saw, think what they thought. It was wonderful! Please don't leave us hanging too long. There's so much more to this story! Thank you so much for writing it!

onoimatwidard2: Oh no she didn't. I can't believe she got on the fucking plane. What a wuss. I'll be waiting with baited breath to see how this gets fixed. P.S. Obviously I'm enjoying the story or I would not care so much.

Sooooo....the consensus says, "Where in the world is LionsLamb?"

LionsLamb? Are you out there? Hello? *echo*>hello?hello?hello?<


  1. Ok, I have one.... The Air that I Breathe by Journey2002. Ok so it does meet your three month requirement with last update of 9/13... I love this story and would really, really like to see it completed.

    Just my Suggestion.

    Pam --- FF ID PJJ0930

  2. Thanks! Hopefully she follows this lovely blog!

  3. The Air I Breathe is one of my favs and like what, the first one I rec'd? I love that story! But she is VERY slow to update, so I wouldn't be surprised if she will continue it, just really slow. I know it's a pain, but I don't remove it from my list and prolly won't unless she says she's abandoned it.

    I do wish she'd hurry up already tho!