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Sunday Selections for January 3, 2010

This month we are just going to go with variety.  A free for all, so to speak, since we postponed featuring the Volturi until February (you can see the post regarding that here).  Happy reading!

IdreamofEddy recommends The Trip Home by mskathy

When Bella takes a long overdue trip back to Forks, an unexpected detour helps her find her way home. AU/AH ExBxJ M for adult themes and lemons.

I don't think the summary for this story is very good, it needs to come with a cream warning (I'm only kidding, on the first part of that statement, anyway).

This fic came highly recommended after I was given a little gem from mskathy's The Trip Home Prequels from someone I was chatting with on Twitter. The fact is, after I read a beautiful piece on a prior relationship between Peter and Jasper which, I might add, made me cry because Peter got the shaft (um, literally...which was hot, by the way), I was hooked on her Jasper, and I HAD to read more. See, I don't get around much, so if this story is OLD news to everybody, it's not to me. So, there.

TTH is a polyamory, all-human fic. Edward and Jasper, who had grown up together, are a couple as this story starts out. Now, mskathy wrote several outtakes of this story, and I highly suggest reading her author's notes and doing as she says and leave the main story right off the bat to read the first delicious lemon that's an outtake. Anyways, enter Bella, an old high school classmate that Edward and Jasper discover while they're all trying to make their way back home to Forks for the holiday.

Unexpected feelings develop for our three after their first little romp (it is, by no means, little). And it changes their lives, and for some, the futures they thought they were to secure. I discovered that TTH needs to be read gradually. Oh, it's plenty good. It's great. But, she captures the raw emotion and the feeling behind her characters' struggles as a trio and as individuals. I more than once found myself a little misty-eyed, and her superb lemon writing is better left appreciated day by day.

mskathy, if you read this, my favorite part so far (I'm only on Chap. 28) is the way the situation was handled by Carlisle. I thought his reaction to finding out that his son wasn't just gay anymore was just perfect and very well thought out.

So, if you haven't enjoyed this wonderful story, it's a great cherry-popper if you haven't experienced any other polyamory fic. I've discovered that I rather enjoy these more when they are written as AH. The vamp thing is still a little weird for me.

Read it. Read it!!

JaspersDestiny recommends Living With Your Lies by duskri123

Edward gave in and changed Bella after thier wedding. Renesmee doesn't exist. After her change Bella notices different things changing. What happens when Aro comes to visit? What secrets will he uncover. Full summary inside. Eve.BXJas. Rated M

Phew. Too many favourites and alerts, too little memory lately to rely on. I have been 'searching' for this fic for so long amid the plethora of stories in my arsenal to recommend...and I finally located it! Booyah!

Take away the spelling errors and grammatical hitches and what you have here is probably one of the more interesting Jasper/Bella fics on FFn. At least to me. This story captivated me when I read it. The author twists the whole concept of Edward not wanting to change Bella into something completely plausible to me. Alice's involvement is equally engrossing, and the aftermath of Bella's change alters the Cullens permanently. What you have here in this story is a deception so hideous (and, no, we're not talking adultery, per se) that I sat there riveted, reading each of the 16 chapters of this completed story in one evening. The strain within the Cullen household is palpable. You can just taste the bile building in your throat as you read further into the story, and your disgust for two certain Cullens is so elevated by the end that it will just knock you on your ass. And, the despair you feel for two other members pulls you like a taut bungee cable, refusing to release you until the last possible second. It is the Volturi involvement near the end which had me really wanting to sink my teeth in and cause murder, though. Ah, the Volturi! I love them in this fic. Who knew they could save the day?

Please, please, please read! This baby doesn't have many reviewers (just 143 as of this posting), but I really feel that it is so deserving of more recognition. But, that's just me...

Maelyn recommends Bella Swan: Kidnapper by Kambria Rain

Um. Hi. I don’t really know how to say this, but I have your kids with me, and I was thinking maybe you would like them back. So yeah… call me. B/E Rated M.

Okay, so I'm a huge Jasper fan, yes. But I also enjoy some Eddie fics from time to time. Usually, I like him as Domward, but this fic just jumped at me to read it. I mean, how can you read that summary and not giggle and want to know what it's about?

So, I bet you're wondering, 'Does she really kidnap his kids?' Yes, she does, sort of. You just have to read to find out.

This fic is cute and sweet, but it had me giggling the entire time. The kids make out like bandits on the cursing money and, DAMN, I wish Bella had been my mom, cuz she rocks it!

Then there is Eddie, who is a wee bit uptight, but Bella knocks him down a peg or two with her charm and comedy.

They get into a couple of funny and intense situations, including being caught in...ahem...compromising situations by their kids. Between that, the practical jokes, and the general all around fuckery that happens in this fic, I just HAD to rec it. *giggles*

missmaj recommends Red Strings of Fate by unicornhime

AH AU When Edward finally gets the chance at getting the girl, he has no idea what to do, so he turns to a message board called The Red Strings of Fate. A story told in technology. Edward and Bella

Edward and Bella meet while riding a bus to school. As the shy geeky boy that he is, where else can he go to for relationship advice? A web forum called Red Strings of Fate.

Yay! Free-for-all month! Did hell freeze over, or what? One would assume that I would recommend a Jasper/Bella fic, but this is a must recommend for me. I thought I'd wait until Edward month, but I'm too excited to wait that long and I must recommend this asap. What's more shocking? It's T-rated! No lemon here, folks! Hey now, don't run away, sex isn't everything. Well, not really. But, seriously, if there comes a time when you were asked to read one T-rated story, this is it.

What's so unique about this story is that the entire fic is written via email, forum, and text messaging. No inner monologue and personal dialogue exists. And, with Twitter, Skype and Gchat pretty much ruling our lives, you can relate to the story. Very similar to Meg Cabot's The Boy series, which I dearly loved. It's fun, it's funny, and it's so freaking adorable, you just want to pinch its... book cover?

It's completed and it has 16 chapters altogether. It's light, it's fluffy, and it's a very easy read. You can probably read the entire story within an hour or two. And, I kid you not, you will end this story with a silly grin plastered on your face.

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  1. Thank you so much for this review, IdreamofEddy! I am excited to see what you think going forward, as the "meat" of the story is really in the back half, I think. I am honored that you took the time to read and review TTH; thank you!