Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome Back, Lucy!

We have ALL truly missed you while you were away in Sin City and Mammoth. I found it only appropriate to construct this little welcome back message for you and, hopefully, catch you up to speed on what you could have possibly missed. First off, there's your birthday post, which you can find here. Please see that immediately, along with the great cum-shot that was posted in HoD on January 1, 2010. Also, Happy New Year! We hope yours was a blast! We had a blast, too. I'm sure we'll hear all about what happened in Vegas, but just so you know what you've missed or what we've been up to (besides no fucking good), see below messages from the girls:

From Tina:

1. Lucy's birthday greeting on our blog.

2. A very drunk moi on Skype on New Year's Eve. Shit, I was so drunk, I think I missed it!

3. My drunken lesson to MiniMaj on Skype about tit-saggage and aging on New Year's Eve...and the woes of men.

From me to Kay via gmail on New Year's Day:

Oh, God, help me! It is 6:51 PM and I finally feel human...sort of. I was mindfucked this morning when I noticed our Group Rec didn't have my beta'ing skills saved, so in a dizzy, puke-induced state I TRIED beta'ing it again, but collapsed on my couch for another 5 hours before seeing your 'Tina..Tina?' message on gstatus.

4. Running is now being posted to FFn, but *sing song voice* you've missed Chapters 15 to 19 from worries, I will email them to you!

Actually, Lucy, I was so unhappy about you dumping us for the wilds of Nevada... *in whiny voice* 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, Tina'...pfft, whatever, you cheating whore...that I *made* this for you, Lucy...with love, from Tina ;) Wuv you *sob*

From Kaylene:

1. I still haven't updated TOM.

2. During our skype conversation on New Year's with a few gals, Tina was drunk, of course, and very verbose. So verbose, in fact, that the rest of us had to chat on Skype. She had an issue with peeing that I'm still trying to figure out...

3. Tina had a narrow brush with death in the grocery store on New Year's Eve. The lobsters and the shrimp survived, but Tina almost died by shopping cart...

4. Mae has a twitter multiple personality disorder.

5. Avatar was great! You should go see it.

6. The following picture is how we could describe some of the...insane fuckery that has occured over the past few weeks. You can read about that here..and here.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

6. There is now some zygote Rob on the blog under the December group review, which we procrastinated until we couldn't procrastinate anymore. But, it was good! However, we have unanimously agreed to not ever post that fucking zygote shit again.

And, honestly, I know we've missed you. This was in a tweet that sat at the top of my board when I opened it up here just a second ago, on 01/01/10 at 12:34 AM CST by @missmaj.

And, this was tweeted shortly after, at 12:34am CST, by @missmaj

I missed you, too, I guess......

Tina says: Oh.My.God. Kay...that last one's horrribbble!

Now we heard that you 'lost' three hours while you were at Pure in Vegas. Well, guess what!? I found your three hours! He emailed us after you said, "Rawr, you stud. I'm the queen of technically fuckery here (you gave him our web address instead of your phone number), and I'm as tight as a lamb. You shall be my lion and I am yours for the taking! Lamb pussy is Hawt, baby!" Anyways, he sent us his pic so you can cherish the forgotten memory forever.

From Wendy (Our new Lamb! We Heart her so!! ):

Glad you had a great time goofing off, leaving all of us alone without your awesomeness. Now get your bitchass back to work! Mwah!

From Maj:

1. Chapter 7's about to be posted, one month after my last update. Ooops.

2. I was entertaining our twitter friends with animal porn, lolcats, poutine, and bacon on your behalf.

3. According to MiniMaj, January's BigMaj month. Bring out your party hats!!! Wooo!!!

4. My life is still boring as hell. Big whoop.

Welcome back, Lucy Loo!!!! Miss your crazy ass!

From Mae:

Well, I've missed you lots. You're always good for some good fuckery/craic to help my day along. *giggle* Let's see, what's been happening with me?

1. I've still not updated my fic. Yeah, I know. But, I wanna be like Kay! I'm angling for a spot on Tina's WITWI posts. Pfft!

2. MiniMaj was on skype with these crazy ladies (plus a few more) and she wasn't permanently brain damaged by it (nor did her mother come to strangle me in my sleep. Oh wait, I'd have to sleep for that...)

3. We were so traumatized by Emmett month that we decided to change January to 'Free-For-All-Month'. It's been liberating!

4. As Kay said, I have multiple twitter personality disorder. But, you'll be happy to know that Sera is now alive and doing very well in a coven on Twitter. She's currently shaking the castle with her whirlwind personality while driving Marcus crazy - and they haven't even met yet! Go me!!

5. Uh, that's all I got. This just seemed to need a #5... So instead I'll end with an lolcat...

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  1. I have no words for that fuckery.

    Oh wait... actually i do have some! I go away for two weeks and look what you do!!! And holy fuck i've just seen catpire pictures circling round in the nomads block in the right hand bar *shakes head and giggles* when did they get in there?

    I loved my birthday post and i have no words to describe vegas - if that's where my 3 hours went i'd rather not know ha ha! I did discover that my knowledge of maths and statistics allows me to fucking rule at roulette and may have in fact made some money in vegas not loads but enough to cover my purchases i made out there... woo!

    Tina... drunk on skype? *gasp* well i never... lol! and near death at the supermarket... whisky-tango-foxtrot happened?!? Oh yeah and hit me up with my dose of Running! and the link so i can review and rec the shiz out of it! I. need. my. fix. woman!

    And that video - where did you find that!!!! baaaaahhhhh! I was giggling for too long over that shiz!

    Kay - TOM... what is this fic you speak of... it sound familiar... Pssssh! I've told you before - when you're ready. Not before. Or i'll beat you severely. You know i'll dew it too.

    Avatar is already on 'the LIST' will let you know when i see it. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that head/ass picture - the jetlag is fucking that up worse right now. I'm greatly fuckturbed. A lot. Catching up with everything i've missed - will let you know when i've assimilated it all!

    Wendy - missed you too! Welcome to the show - so glad to have you here!

    Maj - what is poutine? i'm almost afraid to google it... you know what would happen... googleSPECIAL - and we all know what happens then... i ruin another childhood memory or safe topic for everyone *sniggers*

    Thanks for scarring the masses with lolcrazy - much appreciated tee hee!

    Mae - Damn it! I want chapter woman! ha ha! Don't think we won't 'where in the world' you *she says having not updated in three weeks... i've been on holiday though...*

    OMFG no more twitter accounts for you! How many do you have now?!?!?! I hear you might actually be able to sleep if you can count how many you have on one hand... lol!

    Missed you all and thanks to everyone who left me birthday messages and molested my gmail while i was away - the holiday was awesome, but i think i need another one now to get over this one! I'm still going through everything i've missed over the last two weeks, so reforward me anything important and i'll catch back up soon with you all when the jetlag goes.

    Much love to all the lambs and anyone who reads our special brand of crazy... i mean intellectual musings on the interpretation of literature for the enjoyment and social interaction of the masses,

    Lucy x