Thursday, February 11, 2010

Word of the Week - spidey-senses

Word of the Week

I know. There's a hyphen there. We could debate about the one word or two aspects, but that would be d.u.l.l. I might ask Tina about it for Tuesday's Grammar Girl segment bwahahaha!

First, can you believe that doesn't have a definition for this? I know, right? Fucking shameful! A major series of genre transforming graphic novels, and subsequent bastardisation by Hollywood, and no definition - I feel the need to petition this... maybe... Ok, probably not, but for two, maaaaybe three seconds, I was suitably irate. You know what it tried to suggest to me instead when I was pawing their search box? Spittle Insect. WTFuckery!!! One, what is a Spittle Insect when it's at home, and two, do I want to know? Those who know me within the realm of the internet will attest to my CV-worthy skill of Googling for what would be for anyone else a regular word, and come up with something that will, quite frankly, disturb the living shit out of you. There is even a word for it now - googleSPECIAL. And yes, it has to be all capslocked up like that. Past examples include: Mulan, Moose, and the infamous 'Sandwich' incident of '09 (I still can't look at one and not *shudder*).

Let's get back on point though...

No definition? Bah! Wikipedia has one, but the scientist in me refuses to allow me to quote that shit back at you - my Professors would know... their Spidey-Senses would tingle... So that leaves me with to bring us into the light - because when in doubt, go with funny!

The freakish sixth-sense imparted on Peter Parker (AKA:Spiderman) after being bit by a radioactive spider.

Dude, let's go ask those chicks to dance. My spidey-sense tells me they will put out.

My love for this word - or phrase - if you will, stems from a recent flood in 80s quotes I've found in my Twi-fic - although maybe they've always been there and I was merely observant this week... stranger things have happened. I LOVE when I come across a well-used one, and I've got my own little challenge going with lovemesomejasper for TLM - slipping some thundercats in made me ridiculously giddy. It was awesome.

Catonspeed examples:

From Chapter 2 of Once bitten, Twice shy by lifelesslyndsey:

He was all red eyed and what not, but I couldn't help imagine that his eyes might have been blue at one point. The point before he was dead and all.
Something was off about him, though.
He got my spidey-senses tingling.
"Hello, I'm Bella." I said, thrusting my hand toward random grocery shopping, tire changing Vampire. He looked at it as if it were something foreign, as if he didn't have two hands himself. "It's customary in the English culture to shake a hand that's offered upon introduction. Should I say this slower? Hi. I'm. Bella." I paused, waiting for his reaction. Nothing. Maybe he's stupid. The cute ones usually are, aren't they?

If you haven't read any of lifelesslyndsey's fic's, you should check her out. She's the other half of my brain, and she leaves me in stitches!


Catonspeed has spidey-senses for shoe sales and fuckery. They are CV-worthy skills.

Graphical representation:

And since we're talking spiderman, I have to throw the below back out there - I know it's not true anymore, but the bitches on twitter were teasing me forever about this, and I was not amused. But now, I'm almost disappointed it's not true, because yeah... I'd shout "SPARKLE, YOU BITCH" out loud in the cinema. Easier bets have been taken and won people... just saying...

That is all.


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