Saturday, April 3, 2010

ExploitingReality Update, Part 2!

So, I've been sick. And busy. Yeah, c'mon. You can say it.

blah blah blah, Tina!

But being sick and busy also makes you want to take a lot of breaks too.

On one personal recent break, I decided to peruse my Story Alert section on FFn, and I literally gasped, had a coughing fit, and almost fell off the couch whilst having said coughing fit... But I held onto my coffee table with one grubby paw just so I could stare some more at the beautiful sight before me.



BECAUSE! ExploitingReality updated Sweet Catastrophe! I mean, she said she was going to go back to it in her update to us...but Lord-Tunderin'-Jesus!

I am so excited about this update!

So, if any of you have not had the chance to read this fic (it's only at 3 chapters now, for goodness' sake), go! Scamper! Vite, vite!

What's three chapters of your life?

And be sure to review, if you feel so inclined. She'll appreciate it, I'm sure.


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