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Sunday Selections for April 11, 2010

IdreamofEddy recommends Biological Compulsion by wuogkat

Edward can't decide whether to love Bella or to kill her. He does lure her away from school during Biology class. Will Alice rescue her in time, or is Bella's sanity permanently compromised? B/E AU For Darkward In the Dark Contest.

I stumbled upon this story looking for something different, and boy, did I find it. When I read the summary above, I pretty much concluded that I was going to see an alternate version of the biology scene and instead of letting Bella go, he would surely change her.


Okay, he'd kill her.


I'm being very vague, there's actually quite a lot that happens during and after the biology scene, and this story sucks you in immediately. This story started as a one shot and the author has turned it into a great multi-chapter fic. What I find interesting about this story is the specific and well thought out detail given to telling Bella's story, before...and after. I know, it's confusing but if I say anything more, this WIP will be ruined, so go read it.

This here was probably one of the best passages I've read in a while...

"I mean that I want to drink from you but I also want to drink you in." He roughly pulled back his sweater and my shirt from my body before running his nose from my collarbone, up my neck, across my jaw, and behind my ear. "I want to kill you more than I've ever wanted to kill anyone. However, I want you alive so that I can make love to you." His cold breath caressed my ear and I felt like a string being pulled tight across empty space. "Does that clear things up, my dear young Miss Swan?"

"It does," I managed to pant a response.

"The fact that I can't hear your thoughts just makes you even more desirable and irritating," He growled into my ear. "I want to know what's going on in here." He touched my temple. "I want to know if me pressing you against this tree is having the same affect on you that it is on me. I want to know if anyone else has ever done this," he licked the rim of my ear, "so that I can kill him. I want you to be mine."

JaspersDestiny recommends Completion by ahizelm

Bella leaves one life in search of her own way. Jasper returns to the place of his ancestry. Their paths cross unexpectedly, causing irrevocable change. A Fandom Gives Back fic for ElleCC. Jasper/Bella. OOC. AU. Rated M.

This a short multi-chapter Jasper/Bella tale written for ElleCC. It's an AU...No, really, it's an AU. That means Alternate Universe. So, don't make ahizelm come after you. I couldn't stop laughing at her A/Ns; apparently some readers had...difficulty...wrapping their heads around the concept of AU storytelling.

We don't get any back story to Bella leading up to her change, but it's safe to say that it's probably exactly like canon. She wakes to her new life and neither feels anything for Edward nor wishes to partake in the Cullens' diet of choice. Off she goes!

Segue to Jasper. He's with Maria and then leaves Maria, much like canon; but he never hooks up with the Cullens in the traditional sense, although he has met Alice.

What this story explores is the mindset of the blood drinker, and how it relates to Jasper and Bella - how it affects both their consciences. It also follows their search for each other as mates, although neither realizes until the moment of 'impact' that what they were both missing all this time was the other.

This is an interesting short story about coming full circle, and I recommend you give it a go. It's definitely a twist on the usual!

Maelyn recommends No One Saw the Pain by magan bagan

When Bella is seventeen she is kidnapped and brutally attacked for weeks. She escapes and is saved by Edward Cullen. Six years later adjusting to normal life is a challenge. Edward enters her life again, shaking things up. All Human. Rated for brutality. E/B Rated M

This is a sometimes disturbing story and a little on the dark side at times, but I think it deserves a read. The content is mature and does include a violent scene or two, including rape. So if they bother you, then skip it. But if you can handle that, it’s worth it.

The author takes a traumatic incident from Bella’s past and turns it into the catalyst for happiness. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes. You see how Bella deals with her attack and how even years later it can affect her life – her daily troubles, her issues with control, her interactions with her friends and family, etc. But when you think about it, you can see where she’s coming from.

Edward is amazing. He is kind and patient through most of the fic. He loves Bella with such depth of passion and patience that you can’t help but love the man. He endures a lot to be with Bella and helps her escape the cocoon she’s surrounded herself with all these years. I can’t think of many men who would do that.

So, if you are looking for something mature – in the intellectual sense – then I have to recommend this fic. As I said, it’s worth it.

Missmaj recommends Underexposed by daisy3853

When Jasper walks into her photography classroom, Bella knows nothing of his broken past. All she knows is what she feels: an immediate connection to a beautiful stranger. Rated M for language and violent themes. AH.

Originally a submission for For the Love of Jasper Contest, the story begins with Bella meeting Jasper during a photography class. Sparks fly, but Jasper's past made him what he is now; broken, almost to the point of no return, and Bella helps heal him every step of the way.

I'm trying to write a decent enough review for my story selection without sounding like a silly fan-girl, but I can't help it. This story owns me - mind, body, soul. Sounds cheesy, I know, but this is one of the few that defy what I would normally avoid in fan-fiction.

This story is full of heartache, and I am a big pussy when it comes to angst. But the more this story unfolds, the more I find myself looking forward to it. And I'm pretty sure that the majority of readers shed a tear or two for Jasper and Rosalie. The story itself contains themes that may not be for suitable for everyone, but it's tastefully written and the focus isn't on the dark material.

Another thing that may not appeal to some readers is the flashback in every chapter. In this story, though, the flashbacks are necessary to the story. But it doesn't make you feel like you're going back and forth between the past and the future. Without it, this story would be incomplete.

Then there are the characters. Oh, Jasper. I just want to give him a hug in every chapter. I want to whisk young Jasper and Rosalie far away from all their pain and hurt. He is an amazing brother to Rosalie, and I am in awe of his protective nature towards her.

The Bella in this story is by far my favourite in the fandom. She is a strong character, pure of heart, and just simply amazing. Without her... I don't even want to think about what would happen had she not been there for Jasper.

Then there's Charlie. I love the bond between father and daughter. Rarely do we find a fic where there's a tight bond between Charlie and Bella. It's fantastic to read. He's open-minded, yet protective of his daughter. He can't help but worry about Jasper and Bella's relationship, but he welcomes it with open arms.

Finally, there's Rosalie. She's Jasper's teenage sister. The bond between sister and brother here is just beautiful. Because of her past, she grew up wiser and older beyond her years.

Oh, how could I forget about Garrett? An awesome addition, he used to be the neighbourhood boy who would babysit Jasper and Rosalie. As they grew, he became more of the brotherly figure to both.

It's a story about healing and moving on, and how it's very important to ask for help when it's necessary. Regardless of what you'd think, there is someone always there who is willing to help you through thick and thin.

If I could sum this story up in one sentence: It's a perfect story of unconditional love.

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  1. See, sometimes I read the reviews and go "yes, that's good" and think nothing of it. Or I may see one and go "oohh" and add it to my ever growing list of things to read - someday. Today I want to add the ALL to my list, hehe! Most especially Kay's rec Biological Compulsion, cuz that passage is just...yeah, that's so me...:D