Friday, April 16, 2010

This Lamb is just grossed out...

1st DISCLAIMER: Apparently, a friend of the woman in question has taken offense to this post. I have to ask, why was it made public in the first place, though? This isn't a men's locker room. We don't pat each other on the back because we had a one night stand with Jackson and then get 'offended' by possible nastiness from a blog or other commenters. Believe me, honey, many will formulate their own opinions based off THOSE publicized photos. End of. Ask your friend to 'privatize' that puppy.

2nd DISCLAIMER: My views on this whole thing is that I have to think twice about Jackson now. Period. Because of the photos. I'm leaving my stuff on here, but I'll remove some of the other stuff. But, you wanted publicity, you got it. The link stays up, though. Apparently, word has gotten to me that it's not the link that is concerning a certain someone, but the 'convos' in the original post itself. Consider this my edited version, bb.

3rd DISCLAIMER: May I first state for the record that I am a JASPER fan, not necessarily a JACKSON fan. Also, I like 100 Monkeys because of their MUSIC, not because of Jackson's membership within the group.

So, I came across some photos on Facebook.

Apparently someone caught Jackson making out with a girl after the concert. Oh, and then some.

Here is the Facebook link for anyone who CARES to see the photos. I mean, it WAS public and it was provided as such. So....

Have you had a good look-see at those photos, Lambchops?

That's right, it is implied that this individual had SEX...S-E-X...with Jackson.

You know what? I'm just grossed out. I don't think Maj or I are Miss America, or whatever, but for realz? They couldn't give us a fucking photo at the Toronto show?

Maybe being civilized isn't the way to go at these concerts...Maybe schtoofing myself with some 'glamour' and 'charm' is the way to go for a photo...or a 'hello'.

LUCY: shit this is fucking hilarious! just what i needed!

I think he was intimidated by the beauty and charms of yourself and Ms Poutine 2010, and his bandmates were actually holding him back so he wouldn't tongue rape your faces... obviously they took this night off from security details or summthin'.

KAY: It's a photo op, here or there, they'll do what they want and when they want. Everyone else can pretty much fuck off. That's the business.

DONNA: OK, first of all.

OK, I don't have a first of all.

Second of all, perhaps if Bamababe and I had tag teamed him, and been a bit more aggressive about it...?

And looking at him in some of the photos, he's on something.

KAY: Yeah, that fucker is high as a kite.

ME: P.S. I don't care how hot Jackson may or may not be...or whether he's gay or not...the DUDE is 5'7" tall. That's my height, so by law, he does not exist as a man to me. I have this thing where the guy has to be TALLER than me... Even if Johnny Depp himself were to stand before me, if HE - the GOD that he is - were 5'7" tall, my pretzel dick would go flaccid faster than you can say...FLACCID.

DONNA: And fourth of all, how can I find my fucking muse when the last anybody saw of him he was six sheets to the wind and...? No amount of cute Jackson pictures can clear this shit out of my brain.

You expect me to WRITE now?

Edward is SO coming back to life.

KAY: You know, I've looked at the one picture in question....I think it's been purposely blurred, and it just looks like they're fucking hugging....I think Jackson was three sheets to the wind and fucking high as shit, but I don't see anything there.. They can claim what they want because where's Jackson gonna deny it?

I think this is all snafu. I'm ALL for finding a new Jasper to think about, I'mma lookin'.

DONNA: I'm with Kay. New Jasper needed.

Jackson looks stoned, but satisfied, in the close up of him and the chick. Excuse me while I get another drink.

I think Ben probably always looks good.

ME: I need a Lysol bath now...and a bleach bath for my eyes...and an enema for my brain.


  1. bwahaha this shit spread like windfire...I heard about this at 11PM last night..and I was chatting with the chick whos roommate supposedly fuck Jackson...I refuse to believe it until the chick turns up preggers or there is a sex tape somewhere...

  2. I am....I don't know what I am. Firstly, I think this girl is just dreaming, because a blurry photo proves nothing. Let me find a dark-haired boy down the street and do the same. Secondly, If I waved a joint at him, maybe he'd jump in bed with me, too-Dude is STONED. Thirdly-my boobs are better than hers. And finally...WTF?

  3. Blurry pictures prove nothing, except that Jackson was flying as high as an astronaut. Kind of funny that the supposed make out picture is the only blurry one. I don't expect the man to be a monk or anything, but can a guy get any more trashy or trashed. I would have thought with his family's background he would have a little more class, or at least get a girl that looks like a proper hooker.

  4. hey you know what? those are my friends you are talking about. if it actually happened, idk but can you take the nastiness down a peg? thanx.

  5. Nastiness? I see a discussion that may be a look nasty to some, but this is a blog. While there might be a personal opinion or two that seems a little nasty, we're all entitled to think what we want.

    And, here's my opinion. Jackson, or whoever it is... if your gonna fuck a dude you don't know, then brag about it, I think you're gonna get labeled by SOME members of society, and you damn well better be expecting it.

    It's Tina choice whether or not she wants to change it, I think it's fine.

  6. Ok, I may not agree with the way in which us as a fandom are handling this (I mean, its high school all over again) but Im not going to apologize for laughing when I first heard about all of this. We shouldn’t pick on this girl because she may or may not have had a lucky encounter with Jackson, but in the same respect, this is the Twilight fandom and word spreads like wildfire. You tell one person and the whole world will know by the end of the day. She should have anticipated that by posting pictures and telling her secrets to the world about her "extracurricular activities" she would be in the negative spotlight (we all have jealous streaks and we're lying if we say we dont). If she didn’t want that she shouldn’t have said anything, or her friend. I’ve always been a firm believer that what happens behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors.

  7. Granted my comment was a little harsh and I admit it, but come on you don't post stuff like this online without wanting attention. In my Buffy Convention days, I saw celebs do some pretty whacked out stuff, like menage a trois with teenage girls. I'm not so much appalled at the suggested hookup as I am the fact that Jackson is high and looking it. That to me is an incredible turn off.

  8. This was posted on SEVERAL different sites (I found it through tumblr) so I don't understand why the girls are upset it's leaked. Maybe they shouldn't have made everything so public???

  9. bottom line, that girl might get sued for slander if her story isn't exactly true. Plus, the photos of Jackson don't show him in the best light. I could care less if she did or she didn't fuck Jackson. I just hope she can cope with what will be said or has been said about her. I do laugh at the fact that all the pictures are crystal clear except the "makeout" photo.

    I personally am not a fan of the band, think their music is suckass but I give them credit for trying. I'm sure they won't be losing any fans over this incident. If anything else, the fangirls will try even harder to get into Jackson's pants. Everyone wants to fuck a rockstar but seriously, he's not there yet.
    I have lost what little respect I might have had for the band for their band behavior. Some of my friends where turned down for autographs and pictures, yet with this chick, he signs her boobs. Classy there Jackson. I just hope that the band understands that signing autographs and pictures comes with the territory. They need to remember that these fans actually help pay their bills.

  10. I don't think they were upset about the fact that the photos were leaked, but what was said/written about the girl.

    I personally think they wanted those photos to be seen by everyone.

  11. This only happened last night btw... the pictures were only put on her facebook this morning.. or is it yesterday morning now? time confuses me personally.... they didnt go around 'bragging'. They put their pictures up on their facebook so their friends could see. It would never of even crossed my mind that the pictures weren't private if i was her, she didn't know all these people were going to talk about it. She only told her friends. If you got a chance to hang out with a famous guy that you thought was hot and you knew your friends thought was hot you'd tell them about it right? The only reason it reached you guys was because the friends she told spoke about it on twitter. It's most likely my fault and i feel like shit for it just so you know... my friend told me something exciting and i told my friends and i guess you ust don't know who you can trust in the world of the internet. Heck some of these friends i thought were her friends to.

    These girls are actually really nice people and i bet so are the band... heck from what i heard they were really friendly and sweet. You guys never heard the whole story and you don't know the people involved. She seriously was not expecting everything to blow up like this. The girl just wanted to share her excitement with her friends! is that so bad?

  12. I'm with you on the icky vibes, I'm a huge fan of Jasper and of Jackson's Jasper in Twilight, but I am rapidly loosing the rosy tint to my glasses as far as Jackson is concerned.

    This girl had a cool experience with Jackson, chances are better than average she is just one in a very long line in the past and to come.

  13. Let's be honest, this isn't the first rumor about Jackson's *cough* ballsy behavior. At this point I know if I were in the vicinity I would not want his junk anywhere near my lady bits. I doubt there's enough penicillin in the entire state for what might be lurking in those boxers.

    That being said with all the craziness ts that exists in this fandom ANYONE who posts anything about their encounters Twilight actors should be prepared for it to infect the internet like a plague. If you post something on the internet be prepared for open season on your comments, photos or behavior whether it is justified or not.

  14. Wow for a bunch of unattractive people you sure know how to judge someone's fortune and looks. Seriously what a nasty bunch of bitches you are!
    This is just sad to read, and to think you're all older then me is frightening.
    Why don't you get over youselves!

  15. Yeah and your not worth a blog
    because this is the biggest peice of bull shit ive ever read!

  16. I'm super bummed that I didn't get to see the pictures. I wanna get what everyone is talking about.

  17. I have copies of not only the pictures but the posts that were up at the time. I'm more than willing to share. I'm just evil like that.

  18. @aerialla

    Could you send me whatever you have?
    I just wanna see them.
    I'm curious as frickkk!

  19. LOL yah very classy.
    To post the 'details' of your friend supposedly having sex with a 'star' down to the noises he apparently makes, and you taking pics of them 'making out' is that nice? If it's true, it's disrespectful to the band/jackson, and you're only degrading yourselves.
    I don't feel sorry for you not at all, you chose to put that out there publicly, and don't give me the bs that 'oh I didn't know' everyone on the internet knows how to use twitter and FB.
    Uhh I don't blame Jackson at all, he's a stupid man who likes sex, IF that's indeed what happened, however I don't see him advertising it on the internet with complete descriptions.

  20. @aerialla

    i would like to see the pics too if i could

  21. Oh, HOLY SHIT!!! I missed ALL of this! WTF is wrong with me?! I am gutted now! Although, perhaps I'm not... I was already beginning to feel a bit iffy about Jackson after reading how he hid behind the other guys when Tina & Maj met them. BTW, props to you girls, 'cause I would totally have said something sarky like "Best you take your little bitch home now, he looks frightened..." or "Hey Jackson, when you're finished hiding away there, you tosser, get a effing haircut and for crying out loud, shampoo that shit, and perhaps take a shower while you're at it!" or something. Sorry, I know I'm being a bitch, yet I can't help it right now. That kind of thing just upsets me. Respect earns respect. Acting like a douche means you should be treated like a douche.

    I know that he's just a human being (albeit a slightly unclean looking one lately, but still), and he probably does this shit ALL the time (*shudder* - and not in a good way), but I'm a firm believer that ignorance is bliss and what you don't know can't hurt you (or scar you for life, as the case may be). Suspecting it and hearing about it are two very different things and I will admit to being severely squicked out by all of this. All of this, that I completely missed! DAMN IT!

    Also, I would just like to say that you ladies run a great blog and you're worth LOADS of jelly beans! :P And calling you all nasty bitches is a bit unnecessary. As women, we are ALL bitches... EVERY.LAST.ONE.OF.US. It's in our genes. The only female who isn't a bitch, is Isabella Marie Swan, and that's only because she's FICTIONAL. Surely a great definition of bitchy is posting pictures on a social networking site of a famous person in a "compromising" position... pictures which have the ability to affect the public opinion of said person, and in fact HAVE affected quite a few opinions of him. I liked him MUCH better when I could just look at the pretty pictures of him and sigh. A tad hypocritical, but true nonetheless.

    @aerialla - Help a girl out please! My curiosity is now killing me... KILLING! I don't know if I WANT to see those photos, but my inquisitiveness (is that a word?) demands it & I'm probably going to be the cat that curiosity killed, but so be it. ;)

    P.S. The irony of the fact that I run a blog called Team Jacksper is not lost on me. Heh. F.M.L.

  22. lol
    This shit is just crazy! It was a definate laugh though, so worked up.

    I will say though, Jackson has a pretty face. Who cares what he does with it.

  23. I am so behind with the times.. I only found out about this this morning!!

    Anyone suggest where I could have a peak at said pictures...?

    I dont even know if I want to, but curiosity is getting the better of me :|