Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Selections for May 2, 2010

Jasper’s Bella recommends Changing Visions by BamaBabe

Alice's vision shows that the Volturi are not the threat to the Cullen's. Bella herself is. Two friends band together to ensure that this future does not happen. Carlisle POV/AU/OOC - This has C/J but is not slash. Carlisle/Jasper. Rated: M.

So my Iphone dings letting me know that I have a new email. I open it up to find a new story from BamaBabe. I get excited because I know this is going to be good without reading anything and sure enough, I was right.

Starting off, we find Edward, Carlisle, and Jasper in Carlisle’s office arguing about the events that happened at the birthday party. Jasper is laying into Edward about him whining and not seeing reason when it comes to Bella and changing her. Finally, someone is standing up to Edward and not letting him run the family out of town. Edward, of course, tries to throw it back on Jasper about attacking Bella. I cheered when Jasper informs Edward that he was feeling the thirst of all the vampires in the room including Edward’s for his singer. We also find out that Jasper has been absorbing everyone else’s thirst for many years in order for them not to slip. I am loving BamaBabe’s version of the events that take place after the party and the fact that the family stands up to Edward. To me, he’s just a spoiled brat who is throwing a tantrum for not getting his way. Something else we see in this first chapter is a friendship that has grown over the years between Carlisle and Jasper. I have yet to see a story that has these two as close as they are here, and it’s a really nice thing to see.

I know that this story is only one chapter right now but I think if you guys read it, you’ll be hooked immediately and want more, just like I do. I’m definitely dying to found out more about Alice’s vision of Bella.

JaspersDestiny recommends Into the Night by e. marie armstrong

His face was dead serious. "I need you to trust me, and I need you to come with me right now." She took his hand. He pulled her onto his back and they leapt out the open window, away into the night. Bella/Carlisle. Rated M for content to come.

This story is only three chapters in, so it's still very early in the game to say too much about it. There is one important issue I would like to bring up, but I also want to state what I find interesting about it so far.

The story is set immediately following Edward leaving Bella after her doomed 18th birthday party. Bella is asleep in bed, dreaming bizarre dreams about Edward - dreams that DO have meaning and which indicate an almost careless quality to Edward, as if he means her harm. I think this will come into play later on in the story because she has another dream about Edward in the next chapter that is just as bizarre but holds the same theme. Moving on, she awakes from this dream to find not Edward, but Carlisle, in her room, and he tells her that they need to leave immediately if they are to remain safe.

Something has happened to the rest of the Cullens - and Carlisle only knows that they have disappeared but are still alive. He's being very cryptic with Bella, and she can sense this. She trusts him anyway, though, because she has never had any reason not to. Together they flee to Canada to hide from Victoria, and Bella has no alternative but to inform her father via letter of her 'reason' for her hasty departure.

My only issue with this story is that I sense that there will be a fast attraction between Carlisle and Bella. It's already sort of approaching this idea (touches that 'spark', glances that linger...) and I REALLY hope the author draws their relationship out for a while. It's more realistic this way, especially considering the fact that Edward has JUST left Bella. Certain plot developments need to occur before anything can really happen between these two, but I think when the sparks really do fly, it will be fun if done properly.

Why I would recommend this story, though, has nothing to do with the pairing at this point. The story is just getting started, and like all new stories - if they intrigue even a little bit - they need a push. I'm interested in Carlisle...because this man has a secret, and you can tell he has a secret right from the very beginning. Something is very off about him - he's angry, he's abrupt - and it's not just because he's 'lost' his family.

So, I would say give this fic a try. It's new and it's still early, and I hope the author slows the potential romance down a peg because it has the makings of an interesting read, thanks to Carlisle.

Maelyn recommends Summer Sun by ItHappened

When Edward returns home from college, he brings a surprise with him and changes Carlisle's shattered life. Carlisle/Bella Rated M

First, I love how the author has set up the dynamics of the characters. Carlisle is Edward’s widowed father. Rose and Jasper are his younger siblings. Emmett and Alice are just good friends. The author doesn’t confuse what ends up being a touchy enough situation with any issues other couples may have.

I also love that Esme has been dead a while and Bella is, and has been, single for a while, so there isn’t that issue where one, the other, or both just broke up with someone then immediately jump in love with someone else. Here, the author delves instead into building the characters for the reader and making you get to know and like them before adding to the story. Yes, you are still privy to the blatant attraction Carlisle and Bella have for each other, but they don’t act on it immediately. Instead, you get loads of great UST (unresolved sexual tension) to build on until they finally end up in bed together.

Of course, that’s only one part of it. There are other problems with this situation - two in fact.

The first problem is the age difference. Bella is nineteen and Carlisle is forty. This is, of course, anything but the social norm and they are bound to have issues from this, which they do a time or two.

The second problem, and the bigger one for the fic, is Edward. Carlisle affirms with Edward early on that he and Bella are only friends. This relieves Carlisle, of course, but only to a degree. They are still very good friends and he doesn’t think that Edward would understand if he had a fling with a much younger woman, much less if it were a good friend of Edward’s.

So, for a while, the couple tries to hide their relationship once it gets physical. Of course, then it becomes more and more until they are at a bit of an impasse. They do go out in public a time or two as a couple, but Edward doesn’t find out until later. I don’t want to say much on that because I don’t want to ruin any parts of the fic, but let’s just say the situation between the three gets very tense.

Overall, this is a well-written and thought-out fic. I love that it’s not quick and easy for the couple to fall for each other. They actually have to work at it and overcome some very difficult situations to make things work out in the end. And that is what real love is all about.


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