Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday One Shots for 7/7/10


There's a support group in La Push for people like me; people who are bitter, unhappy, angry, lonely, brokenhearted, depressed, resentful, cheated, cynical, and hostile. It's been a great group, having meetings when we need them the most...Stupid weddings. Rated M. Leah/Jacob.

I love bitches. Especially misunderstood bitches. But, yeah, I love bitches with a passion. Rosalie and Leah have always been my favourite canon Twi gals, and then add a pinch of Kay's CM Charlotte to the mix and you have perfection.

This one shot now has an accompanying multi-chap called, I Hate La PushForks Weddings… Okay maybe not, and Luci-Marlena writes Leah's voice very well - she's snarky, sarcastic, prone to flying off the handle, and she quasi-hates everybody - including Jake. Together, Jake and Leah 'support' each other through all the joyous, festive occasions of wolf/vamp/hybrid-blood-sucking-demon children's weddings. And they REALLY need the support, apparently, because I'm amazed Seth hasn't been forced to gouge his eyes out when this rag tag pack of Jake's is forced to phase.

Basically, Leah's anti wedding. She's anti anything 'love' and 'happiness' really. But the feelings are there between her and Jake, and to be perfectly frank, I always wanted to see these two get together in the series. Instead, SM thought it would be cute to give him a kid to play around with instead *shakes my head*. In this story, Luci-Marlena found SM's missing brain cells and decided to match Nessie to Nahuel, which makes perfect sense!

This story's fun to read, and if you love bitchy Leah, you should enjoy this for sure. Here, this made me titter:

The only good thing is that Nessie actually gave us good dresses. Flattering, but not over the top, a nice color, but not so vibrant as to wash us out; she definitely ignored her mother's advice. I walked down the aisle with Jacob, since he is Nessie's "Uncle Jake" and Nahuel's options were limited to Jake, Dr. Can-I-please-test-you-for-insert-medical-anomaly-here-while-I-use-my-sparkly-charm-to-woo-the-nurses, Ed-I-wanna-rape-your-mind-without-warning, Emmett-let's-try-and-see-if-the-wolves-fetch, or Majorly-I'm-on-my-"Man Period"-moody. Yeah, if I were Nahuel, I would have chosen "Uncle"-I-can-morph-into-a-huge-Alpha-wolf-Jake too.

AU: Aro meets Bella in an Italian store. Bella knows nothing of vampires, but their encounter will leave a mark on Aro.
Bella/Aro. Rated T.

I know! Mae chose something rated T! Oh my God, is she sick? No, I’m not sick. A little sleepy maybe, but not sick. You’ll see why I chose it when you read it. And it’s not very long, not even 1000 words, so you have no excuse!

I came upon this little fic a few weeks ago and just loved it! I knew I had to save it for a rec someday, so I did and here is my opportunity!

The premise is that Aro wants to go out and choose his own clothes, so he goes to a store where he meets Bella. She talks to him about a suit he wants and takes his measurements and then…well, I don’t want to give anything away, at all, so go read it! If I give a clue, it may give it all away and I don’t want that. *laughs*

This fic had me totally giggling, that’s all I’ll say. Now go read!


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