Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday for 07-07-10


Okie-dokes, folks...I'm feeling playful today, so I asked Maj if I could hijack today's Wild Card post for some fuckery of my own.

I warn you now, these are not safe for LIFE! Open them privately, por favor!

This first clip is a messed up video called 'Bouncin' on Count Fuckula'. You don't have to watch the sex part, but the lead up is beyond hysterical because the special effects and acting are just plain horrid.

Bouncin' On Count Fuckula! brought to you by PornHub guess you learn something new every day. And, again, the acting is horrid:

How To Have Better Sex brought to you by PornHub

And know, because we miss Lucy - Classic 70s Brit-Porn:

Classic 70's Brit-Porn brought to you by PornHub

1 comment:

  1. So... um... now we know what Tina does in her spare time... and what porn site she prefers.

    You learn something new everyday.