Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday One Shots for 12/16/09

catonspeed recommends Potential by Rosmarina

Edward Cullen, journalist for the college paper, has despised jocks since high school. What happens when he’s assigned to interview Emmett McCarty, a decathlon athlete who challenges Edward’s every stereotype? Rate M for language, Edward/Emmett slash & graphic lemons.

I'm declaring it National-Catonspeed-All-About-The-Slash-Month, although I might need to extend this, because a month is just not long enough [insert innuendo of your choice here]. This O/S is just one of the reasons why - and it's also a slash/backslash entry <- have you checked them out yet? No? Shame on you! Go look and leave the boys some love.

This O/S might be in EPOV, but our man of the month shines through his words. There's initial false preconceptions, and then we see the unfolding and discovery of Emmett's character through Edward's eyes. Oh, and there's some hot boy lurrrrrrv smexin' at the end *fans self*

Go read!

IdreamofEddy recommends The Purple Carnation by Crash Hale

One Shot. Emmett gives up alcohol and tries to get Alice back while remembering their past. AH. AU. Contains MA content, please do not read if you are not of age.

This one-shot was recommended to me yesterday off of Twitter when I whined because I hadn't found a rec for today. I have to be honest, I really thought there was no way in hell I'd rec a o/s about Emmett and Alice, but guess what the fuck I'm doing? I'm rec'ing a o/s about Emmett and Alice.

TPC is an AU/AH tale that really made it's impact. I bawled my fucking eyes out because it's so well written and it just hits close to home. TPC is a short story that gives its reader a small glimpse into alcoholism and the effects it can have on a relationship. Emmett is our man in this story, and Alice is the woman who shouldn't have been in his 'background'. Now, this story does contain one hot lemon, but for the most part this is an angsty little story that is so worth the read because...well, it just can't always be hunky fucking dorie. So read it, and keep some kleenex or some toilet paper near by. I loved it, Crash.

Jaspers Destiny recommends I like bears by Alice laughed

Emmett in 200 words. I just couldn't leave him alone. I might add other subjects in the future. Rated K

Awww, c'mon! How cute is this? It's almost like an Emmett poem. The Emmett poem!

Basically, 200 words from Emmett about why he likes bears...the ending is just too sweet...

Just read it...

Maelyn recommends The Irresistible Miss Swan by UnaRJ

Single fatherhood is the last thing Emmett expected. As he and his son begin their new life together, Ms Swan is the driving force behind their new found confidence.Is he hoping for too much? O/S written for the Back2SkoolUNFmett Contest EmPOV AH/OOC/M Bella/Emmett

I read this lil' gem when I was checking out the stories for the Unfmett contest. I really liked almost everything about it. Emmett is trying to pick up the pieces while taking care of his little boy, Tom, after being left high and dry by the mother. Both he and his son have a crush on the beautiful Miss Swan, Tom's teacher.

Bella and Emmett are so attracted to each other while at the same time very focused on what is best for Tom. I love their interaction, it's sweet and cute, but hot at the same time. After one parent/teacher conference, they release the sexual tension that has been building up between them since meeting, and it's HOT to say the least!

The only thing I didn't like about it? The ending. *pouts* As much as I like my smut, I'm a romantic at heart, so I like to see the happy endings and while this wasn't bad, I wish it ended as more than a one night (afternoon) stand. (Just my personal preference.)

Still, it's worth reading for the cuteness and smut alone, so definitely give it a read!


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