Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wild Card Wednesdays for 12/16/09

Poor Maj isn't feeling well! So, I'll be guest posting you some pictures of a pleasing artistic nature this week *cough* porn *cough*

So, in honour of the newly named 'Wild Card Wednesdays', the doctor is in oooo la la!

If only I could send him to you Maj, he'd make you feel all better...

Just lie back, open your mouth, and say "aaaaarrrrrr!"


  1. It's what jesus would do tina. It's what jesus would do.

  2. well tina... *whips up google...* he probably throw a tano triple lutz and then offer to lend a hand too. In fact, that's him between maj's legs in that second picture. We had to blur him out for legal reasons ;)

  3. 'Maj's magic vag' hmmmmm i can see a whole section here... *giggles*

  4. WTH??? You guys are talking about my vag behind my back?
    Have I ever told you how much I love y'all?

  5. concurs with tina. i love you maj, but in a strictly platonic - i like the boys *titters like chairpire*

  6. Haw Haw, Tina. You crafty bitch, you. Get well soon, Maj. Love ya.